Calligraphy week 7 feedback from the teacher


It’s a beautiful walk to the calligraphy academy these days. The lanterns are out in preparation for Buddha’s birthday next month – so there must be a temple further up the mountain past the art centre.

SEoul_art_centre2Seoul_art_centreSeoul_art_centre7Seoul_art_centreThis week we all had to put our work up on the wall and we stood together as the teacher marked our work and gave us tips on what to work on. This week I was very pleased with myself for having done all eight characters (because last week I only practised one character and everyone else had done all eight!)

BUT I had done it wrong AGAIN!

Everyone else had done 16 characters this time: eight from last week plus 8 from the week before! 😮 I on the other hand had torn my practise paper in half and only done the eight characters from last week!

OK now I understand what to do. Hopefully I’ll get it right next week! 😉



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