April 2013

What’s happening this month? Well, the cherry blossom season is upon us. So in the middle of April there’s a spring flower festival on the Han River in Seoul – I have to prepare myself if I go to this though. Because when the cherry blossom is in full bloom, the rest of the river may be delightfully peaceful, but EVERYONE wants to go for a walk along that small section of the river under the blossom trees. Still nice if you get there early enough. And if you get peckish there are street stalls, where you can buy anything from boiled silk worms to candy floss. :)

I’m now in the second month of my calligraphy course at the calligraphy academy at Seoul Art Centre. This month we move on from simple exercises designed to practise different strokes, and on to practising Chinese characters. I’m definitely going to have to practise more at home now. 😉

In Korean drama world I am STILL trying to finish the recaps for the MBC sageuk Horse Doctor. The drama finished at the end of last month, so I’ll try to get those done soon.  Korean Confucianism and History of Joseon posts are on the way too.

Have a great month!

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