March 2013 in Seoul

As the weather gets warmer I can hear the muffled sound of my hiking boots calling out to me through my (bit smelly) shoe cupboard. The plan is to spend the weekends from now on walking off the extra pounds that I managed to put on during my winter hibernation period. It’s time to venture out from the tropical conditions of my ondol underfloor heated flat and join the world again. Hurray. :)

So what’s happening this month? Well, I start writing about how I get along on my new calligraphy course. I’ve tried calligraphy classes in Seoul before but this time I really mean business, so I paid for a year’s course at the Seoul Art Centre’s School of Calligraphy. The course starts on March 6th but it’s only once a week – that means I have to practise a lot at home too.  However, I am DETERMINED to become a great master of calligraphy this time. 😉

In Korean drama world I’m watching the MBC sageuk Horse Doctor. The drama finishes this month on TV but I’m still plodding on with the recaps (there are 50 episodes in this drama altogether 😮 ) It’s inspiring me to read more about Confucianism in the Joseon period. I’ll try and get some posts up soon about Confucianism and its role in Korean society as soon as I get my head around it myself …

This month we go away to yangyang on the east coast for a weekend just to get out of Seoul for a couple of days. There’s a bank holiday on March 1 Independence Movement Day. And the Buddhists are already preparing for Buddha’s Birthday which is in May.


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