Clearing the Snow in Seoul


It was snowing again last night, so I went out on a walk and took these pictures. The thing that I really notice here when it snows is that shop keepers and local residents are outside straight away sweeping the snow from the pavements – even while it’s still snowing.

We must have had several inches of snow last night. And I remember as a kid being very excited about the snow. Not because I liked snow, (I didn’t :( ) but because it meant we wouldn’t have to go to school – even less than one cm of snow would bring England to a standstill, which meant that no buses to school could be running in such treacherous conditions. 😉 The ecstasy never lasted long though.

And the day after the snow was always twice as bad as a normal day, because by then the pavements were like an ice rink. And there was always some joker who found it hilarious to hurl a couple of ice snowballs in my direction too, grrrrrr. Fond memories.

Sunday 9 pm

But I saw on the news this morning that although the traffic in Seoul was a little slow, the roads had been cleared and gritted and everyone was on their way to work as usual. Even the trains were running! (I know! 😮 ) – possibly more unpleasantly crowded than usual, but still running.

By 7 am this morning the pavements had also been gritted and the snow neatly brushed away from the steps to the station. How marvellous!

7 am Monday morning


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