Horse Doctor Episode 24

So the key question of this episode seems to be …HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT ….? Everyone wants to know how everyone else is feeling about someone – Inju wants to know how Kwanghyun feels about Jinyung. Eunso wants to know how Jinyung feels about Kwangyun. Kwanghyun wants to know how Jinyung feels about Myunghwan. Even the princess turns up to ask Eunso how she feels about Kwanghyun! :) And the people being asked the question all look confused – WHY does this person want to know this?! But Kwanghyun gets the biggest shock of all. Inju’s revelations shock and upset him. A big change is coming and everyone had better get ready …

MBC Horse Doctor 2013 Inju FINALLY reveals all to Kwanghyun

Inju is about to tell Kwanghyun everything. But first when she asks about Kwanghyun’s feelings for Jinyung he takes offence and refuses to answer. (Maybe he’s worried about getting into trouble again for liking a noble lady!) He’s about to walk out when Inju mentions his father’s name and what she knows about his life. She explains that Baek Seokgu was not his biological father (친부 chin-bu) but his adoptive father (양부 yang-bu). When she says his father’s name – Kang Dojun – he remembers that that was the name Seokgu wrote in blood in the cave before he died. Now she has Kwanghyun’s attention! But when Inju explains that Jinyung was the baby that was swapped with him, he gets angry and refuses to believe it.

Sungha is now suspicious of his own father and follows Guard Kang and watches him carrying out Myunghwan’s instructions and telling a servant to spy on Inju. Myunghwan obviously doesn’t trust Inju and sits in his room wondering why she has suddenly brought up Dojun’s name again after all these years.

Meanwhile, the princess is in bed but wakes up shouting Kwanghyun’s name. She’s had a bad dream and in it Kwanghyun was dressed as a yangban. (dreams are a kind of fortune telling and are taken seriously) But  when the princess said hello to him he ignored her and went off with another lady. Lady Kwak tries to comfort her saying it was just a dream. But Guard Ma puts his foot in it suggesting that the lady in the dream was Eunso. (oops!) This upsets the princess and now she is wondering if Kwanghyun really does like Eunso after all.

Eunso is getting ready to return home from hospital when she tells Jinyung that she can see that Jinyung and Kwanghyun have feelings for each other. And she explains that this is why one day Jinyung may have to make a choice between Kwanghyun and her adoptive father Myunghwan. Jinyung is confused by this but Eunso declines to tell her any more. She only says that she will find out the reason for herself later. (What’s with all the secrecy? Just TELL HER what you know!!)

Kwanghyun reflects over the life-changing news he heard from Inju

After hearing the truth from Inju, Kwanghyun sits in his room in silence. Jabong and Kibae worry about him and why he’s acting so strangely. (They seem to spend their lives worrying about him). Suddenly he bursts out of his room announcing that he has somewhere to go. He goes to see Dushik at the administrative office and asks him to let him take a look at some archive records. (Inju told him to check the records of Seokgu’s death if he didn’t believe her story)

Dushik is only too pleased to help him out, but wonders why he wants to see records from years ago. Kwanghyun looks through the records and finds nothing until he remembers that he is looking in the wrong month. (the administrators in the Joseon period meticulously kept records of all happenings.) The information about Seokgu’s death as a traitor is written there and Kwangyun breaks down in tears. He sees Inju named as the person who looked after the grave. So she was telling the truth after all.

Kwanghyun searches the records in the administrative office

Now for some very bad news. Myunghwan is reinstated into his position after receiving a recommendation (from the queen mother probably pushed through by Lord Jung) Dr Ko hears the news with a glum expression. Then suddenly he has an attack and clutches his head in agony. (Oh no. We don’t want anything to happen to Dr Ko 😮 ) He seems to know that he has a serious illness as he wishes that he had more time to sort things out.

Myunghwan is reinstated at the hospital

Kwanghyun goes to see Seokgu’s grave for the first time. (He didn’t know where it was before and could only pay his respects at the place where Seokgu died). He stays there till late, thinking. The others wonder where he is. When he returns he goes to see Inju to thank her for telling him the truth.

Kwanghyun finally finds the grave of his adoptive father

Eunso’s maid is shown a (very good :) ) artist’s impression of the criminal who threatened her. It’s clear to see that the man in the picture is Myunghwan’s servant and Sungha recognises him too. So now Sungha knows that it was his own father who tried to frame Kwanghyun. (Every time I write about Sungha I always end with a sigh. Oh dear. Poor Sungha :( ) But Sungha is not the only one learning the truth about Myunghwan. Because  Kwanghyun learns from Inju that MYUNGHWAN framed Dojun too. :0

Of course Myunghwan has no idea that his secrets are coming out. He is happily on his way to celebrate his reinstatement with Lord Jung and other hangers-on. But Sungha sits glumly pondering over his father’s terrible actions and Kwanghyun shakes with rage over what he has just heard …

Myunghwan and Lord Jung wonder what’s going on with Dr Ko and why he is taking time off work. It’s so unlike him. They are still scheming to get rid of him for good.

Lord Jung schemes to get rid of Dr Ko

The princess can’t control her curiosity and decides to go and ask Eunso IN PERSON how she feels about Kwanghyun. (Love it! The other conversations in this episode are pretty intense and serious. And the princess is intense and serious too. But that makes her so funny. Especially when she explains WHY she is so interested in this matter – Kwanghyun cured the princess’ cat and so is very special to her! Eunso looks confused. I’m not surprised. :) ) We don’t get to hear Eunso’s answer but I guess she puts the princess’ mind at rest and assures her that there is NOTHING going on between them.

Kwanghyun is in a difficult situation now. He has discovered that he is a yangban but taking his rightful place will mean ruining Jinyung’s life. He also needs to think about what he will to about Myunghwan. So he meets Jinyung and tries to find out how she feels about Myunghwan. She admits that he has been very kind to her. (duh! I wonder why Jinyung!) After their conversation Jinyung is confused wondering why two people – Eunso and Kwanghyun – have both asked her about her feelings for Myunghwan!

Kwanghun tells Inju that he can’t take Jinyung’s life away from her. But he is shocked when Inju mentions the name of the man who was also involved in the crown prince’s murder along with Myunghwan – Doctor Yi Hyungik. Kwanghyun remembers the name appearing in the administrative records he just read. (but didn’t Kwanghyun and Jinyung as children witness Myunghwan killing this doctor in the barn in episode 2 before Seokgu’s death?) Kwanghyun decides he must find out why his father was framed.

As children Kwanghyun and Jinyung watched Myunghwan kill his accomplice 

Dr Ko takes a break from teaching and so the old teacher is back teaching the students. But he flirts with the nurses – it’s probably his first time to teach women. And he is taking full advantage! The nurses don’t look too happy though…

Dr Ko gets medicine delivered to him, but he looks bad. Kwanghyun goes to see him when he hears he is not at work. There is no answer when they call Dr Ko’s name and then they rush in and find he’s collapsed. Kwanghyun takes his pulse and feels his head to find it covered in sweat. He knows that this is a very bad sign indeed ….

Dr Ko collapses

So Kwanghyun’s life is turned upside down in this episode. The fact that he is a yangban does not seem to interest him at all right now. It’s too much to take in and he seems more concerned about what will happen to Jinyung. He also wants to find out why Seokgu was framed. I am getting a bit confused though as both of Kwanghyun’s fathers were framed by Myunghwan! But when Kwanghyun talks about his father (aboji) I suppose he means Seokgu and not Dojun. He must be devastated thinking back to how ‘naughty’ he was as a child now knowing that Seokgu gave up his own child to save him. :(  

Thinking back to episode 2 with the murder scene of Doctor Yi has raised a question for me though. Kwanghyun and Jinyung still have not realised that they were childhood friends but SURELY they both remember watching someone (Myunghwan) murder another man with acupuncture needles in the barn? And since they are both into acupuncture wouldn’t this shocking sight have come into a conversation by now? And yet they never mention this. They never say, ‘yes acupuncture is so powerful, when i was a child I saw a man kill another man with two needles’. ‘Really! So did I!’ bla bla bla. ‘OMG we are childhood friends.’ Of course discovering that Jinyung is his childhood friend Yongdal is only going to make Kwangyun’s life more complicated right now. But I just mention this because some of the characters have serious memory loss issues and others simply refuse to reveal important information in a timely manner! And this is winding me up! 😉  


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