Happy New Year Ice Skating in Incheon Airport!

An extremely cold winter was predicted for 2013 in Korea. And yes, it’s cold – minus 12 right now, but it has been colder. I’m not a fan of snow or ice and prefer to hibernate at this time of year. But winter sports are popular with hardier folk and the weather has inspired ice rinks to appear all over the place – On Christmas day I saw that the skating rink outside City Hall in Seoul has been constructed again this winter. And now I just came back from a week in Taiwan to find an ice skating rink INSIDE Incheon airport! (I don’t think this is a new thing, but I have only just noticed it!)

And if you need some help balancing that’s no problem because you can just cling on to the zimmer frame type structure as you skate around. ­čśë

The rest of the airport had a wintery feel too as it was decorated with snowy blue lighting. We got outside to find that it had snowed again while we were away but there were just a few icy patches and slush left on the pavements. So I hurried home to  crank up my ondol underfloor heating. :)

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