Horse Doctor Episode 20

We get a reminder in this episode of what Myunghwan is capable of when pushed to the limits. It seems a long time ago that we saw him murder the other doctor who had also been involved in the death of the crown prince. So he will do anything to get what he wants and so Dr Ko is probably lucky that he is only paralysed in this episode .. But STILL Kwanghyun manages to beat Myunghwan again. And now he is FURIOUS. 

Kwanghyun passionately tries to explain to the queen mother (who is not looking convinced) that the king really is getting better and that his medicine is working. (He knows from treating the cow with gall stones that when the poo turns from grey to green this means the patient is getting better – the stone is disintegrating. But Kwanghyun, when are you going to learn your lesson and STOP comparing the king’s symptoms with cows?! ūüėē )

Kwanghyun inspects the king’s poo :)

But on the other side Myunghwan is trying to persuade the queen mother that they can’t possibly trust this peasant and that HE is the one who must remain in charge of the king. The queen mother is confused and she retires to her chamber to decide what to do. Meanwhile Jinyung is convinced that Kwanghyun is right. She gets the princess on board and together they try to persuade the queen mother to trust him – but the queen mother has already sent a messenger to put Myunghwan in charge. Even when Jinyung backs Kwanghyun before her father, the queen mother is surprised but not persuaded.

The situation is resolved when the king sits up and is obviously improving. And (I love this bit) during this quiet and serious moment as Dr Ko takes the king’s pulse, the princess shuffles up to sit closer to Kwanghyun who is still concerned about the king and watching Dr Ko intently.

The princess cuddles up to Kwanghyun!

No one can believe it. Kwanghyun was right. The students are dismayed. Kwanghyun is reinstated at the hospital but he bumps into Myunghwan who tells him not to get too comfortable – he sees Kwanghyun as competition. Dr Ko also tells him Myunghwan has lost his talent because of his greed for power. Myunghwan is furious and goes to his office and throws a wobbler. He’s in a rage. Not only is Dr Ko still in his position but the peasant is back too. (AND he looks bad for not spotting the king’s sickness.)

Myunghwan is furious over being ‘beaten’ by Kwanghyun and Dr Ko.

Jinyung notices that Sungha is looking down. She asks if it is because of their father. Sungha admits that his father behaved wrongly and so he had to stand against him. Jinyung tries to apologise to Myunghwan for going against him but he just says that everything is fine. (I’m sure he doesn’t feel like that underneath!) ¬†Myunghwan pays Lord Jung a visit. Lord Jung doesn’t want to talk at first until Myunghwan tells him that he has another plan. It’s not over yet, he says. Meanwhile in the darkness guard Kang secretly hands a message to a servant.

Myunghwan tells Lord Jung that it’s not over yet …

As Dr Ko gets ready to treat the king he is brought some food. He didn’t ask for this. It’s suspicious. (Don’t eat it!)¬†And sure enough when it’s time to go, he picks up his acupuncture needles but his body starts to seize up and he collapses on the floor. Meanwhile Myunghwan and the others wait with the king for Dr Ko to come. He pretends to look surprised ‘wondering’ why Dr Ko is so late. And time is running out – they need to do the acupuncture now – an auspicious time for the king according to the fortune tellers.

Dr Ko is brought a meal while he gets ready to treat the king

Kwanghyun goes to look for Doctor Ko and finds him paralysed on the floor. He’s been poisoned. There’s no time to fetch another doctor so Kwanghyun is forced to carry out acupuncture on Dr Ko even though it’s dangerous. Meanwhile Myunghwan prepares to take over from Dr Ko and treat the king. Inju is against this and rushes off to search for Dr Ko.

But just as Myunghwan is about to start, Inju announces the arrival of Dr Ko who is shaken but in one piece. Myunghwan can’t believe it. But Dr Ko is allowed to take over and begins with a very shaky hand.

Kwanghyun finds Dr Ko collapsed on the floor

The king recovers and when the princess sees Kwanghyun she wants to rush over and hug him in front of everyone Рhow cute Рbut Lady Kwak stops her. The king wants to reward those who made him better. He goes to the welfare hospital and thanks Dr Ko and Kwanghyun in front of everyone for saving his life.

The doctors are given a feast from the king and Kwanghyun shares food with his friends, but Kibae can hardly eat anything. He blames himself for the way Kwanghyun has been so badly treated – because if he hadn’t met Kibae and become a horse doctor everything would be different. But Kwanghyun appreciates Kibae and is grateful for everything he has done for him.

The king’s health improves

Myunghwan hands Lord Jung his resignation and it is accepted very coldly. There is clearly no relationship or friendship or respect of any sort here – the two men only work together for power. He may have resigned but Myunghwan has not given up and he is more determined than ever to have his revenge on Kwanghyun.

Kwanghyun hears from Inju that someone must have poisoned Dr Ko on purpose to stop him treating the king. And then Eunso goes to see Kwanghyun in the evening and warns him to watch out for Myunghwan. Can he put two and two together?!

Yes, from now on Myunghwan is probably going to get even worse than he was before. After having to resign from his position and being humiliated by a mere student who is also a peasant must be hard for him to take :) But how he is going to do anything now since he has resigned remains a mystery …

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