A mobile knife seller

Now here is something I wouldn’t see back in England. It’s a truck parked on the street selling (and sharpening) knives and scissors. I’ve seen trucks selling all sorts: garlic, fish, socks, clothes, nuts, fruit, plants, potatoes …. the list is endless. But this made me stop and think in a very British fashion ‘OMG what about Health and Safety. is it safe to sell knives on the street?‘ So I pointed the truck out to Mr. Kim. And he said something like, ‘So what’s wrong with that? Sometimes people need to buy a knife or have a pair of scissors sharpened, you know.’ Wise words. And what IS wrong with that?

(kal) knife;  가위 (ka ui) scissors 갈아요 (갈다 kal-da) to sharpen

출장전문 칼갈이 mobile specialist knife sharpening

출장 出張 I usually think of this word as meaning ‘business trip’ – Is Mr. Kim in the office? No, he’s gone on a 출장 (chul-jang) – but here it means ‘mobile’ as the truck travels around.

전문 專門 (sen-mon) specialist

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