Samsung Life Insurance Building


This is a  good meeting place in Seoul since the building is so distinctive. Jongno Tower/Samsung Life Insurance Building is opposite Bosingak Bell Pavilion   and by Jongak Station (subway line 1). A glass elevator (sweaty palms) can take you up to the 33rd floor and the Top Cloud bar and Fusion Restaurant. I haven’t eaten here but I have been for some overpriced drinks  several times. The seating is cheapo plastic and the drinks aren’t great, but it’s the location and view that you pay for. And the toilets – I especially recommend visiting the bathroom here. Because this is without a doubt the most impressive ladies loo I have ever visited. The walls are made of glass  from top to bottom giving an amazing view right out across the city. Even the lighting is cool and the design of the washbowls is ultra modern. I can’t go too close to the window with my fear of heights though. My hands are sweating as I type just thinking about it.

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