The new rooftop flat in ‘Rooftop Prince’

Last week in episode 8 of Rooftop Prince (SBS Wed/Thurs 21:55) ) we got to see the posh newly constructed flat that Chairman Yeo has had built for her ‘grandson’. Rooftop flats are usually the cheapest kind of accommodation in Korea – they look like a small box built on top of a flat roof. So when we see a character in a Korean drama (usually the heroine) going up the narrow rickety steps to the roof, we know straight away that she’s poor!

But I’ve never thought the rooftop flats looked that bad. At least they have some open space outside where people can sit or hang washing and there’s probably a good view of the city from up there too. On the other hand, they are small and cramped and look like they might be cold in the winter with all those thin external walls – even with ondol underfloor heating. And they are often up hilly roads away from bus stops and stations.

But in last week’s episode we really got to see the striking difference between a cheapo rooftop flat and luxury rooftop accommodation. If rooftop accommodation looked like this, everyone would want to live there (below). The old tiny flat where the characters were living has been knocked down and a new deluxe model built in its place. Apparently it took the crew only 4 days to build the new set. I read an article about this on the SBS website and I’ve tried to translate it here below. In this exercise I focused on highlighting vocabulary related to drama production.

[옥탑방 왕세자] 새로 태어난 옥탑방, 럭셔리 ‘옥탑궁’으로 변신

‘Rooftop Prince’ From a rooftop room, a new luxury ‘rooftop palace’ is born

동시간대 시청률 1위를 질주중인 드라마 SBS [옥탑방 왕세자]의 새로운 배경이 될 수리된 옥탑방이 드디어 방송으로 공개될 예정이다.

The newly reformed rooftop set for the SBS drama ‘Rooftop Prince,’ which is currently number 1 in the viewer ratings, is scheduled to appear soon in the drama.

시청률 viewer ratings, 배경 setting, 방송 broadcast,

방송 이전부터 팬들에 의해 사진으로 알려진 수리된 옥탑방은 한마디로 궁궐을 방불케한다.

The famous reformed rooftop flat which was photographed by fans before it was broadcast looks (in one word) like a palace.

팬들 the fans

그리하여 팬들로부터 붙여진 별명이 ‘옥탑궁’

So the fans have given the rooftop flat the nickname ‘rooftop palace’.

옥탑방이 있던 그 자리에 초현대식 콘크리트 구조의 2층을 올렸으며, 큰 창과 베란다로 자연채광이 되도록 하였다.  호화 펜트하우스를 연상시키는 구조이다.

In place of the old rooftop flat, a new two-floor concrete structure has been built with a big window and veranda to allow for natural lighting. It looks like a luxurious penthouse.

밤에도 화려한 조명으로 극중 여회장(반효정 분)이 옥탑방을 떠나지 않겠다는 용태용(박유천 분)을 위해 리뉴얼을 지시하여 완벽한 럭셔리 옥탑방으로 재탄생한 것이다.

President Yeo (played by Ban Hyo Jung) has the luxury rooftop apartment, that in the show is lit up brightly even in the evenings, constructed  for Yong Tae Yong ( played by Park Yoo chun) who doesn’t want to leave the rooftop flat.

극중 in the show

팬들은 “새 막이 열리는 기분.  옥탑방이 주 무대가 되겠지요”, “멋지다, 불랙카드 대단해” 등 새로운 옥탑방에서 벌어질 사건들에 대해 높은 관심을 보이고 있다.

The fans say ” it feels like the curtain opening on a new scene of a play. The rooftop flat has become the main stage,” “It’s cool. The  black card is great.” (not sure what this means!)  There’s lots of interest about what is going to happen from now on at the new rooftop flat.

curtain, 주 무대 the main stage,

그런데 이 ‘옥탑궁’이 단 4일만에 완성되었다고 한다. ‘옥탑궁’을 기획, 디자인하고 시공을 총 지휘한 SBS 아트텍의 세트 디자이너 조병용 차장에 의하면 기획과 준비는 오랜 시간 걸렸지만 기존 옥탑방 자리에 설치하는 데엔 단 4일이 걸렸다고 하여 놀라움을 안겨주었다.

But apparently this ‘rooftop palace’ was completed in only 4 days. According to the director in charge of planning and designing and construction, set designer Cho Byeong Yeong from SBS  Art Tech, the planning and preparation took a lot of time but the construction at the new rooftop flat only took 4 days much to everyone’s surprise.

제작 컨셉트를 묻자 “연출부에서 주문한 것은 근처 분위기와 달리 확 튀는 느낌으로 제작해 달라는 것”이었다고 답했다.

When asked about the production concept, the director said, “the request from the directing department was to produce something different that would stand out from the (poor?) neighbourhood atmosphere.

제작 production/making 연출부 directing department

조연출 김나영 피디는 “우리 제작진도 인터넷에 오른 사진을 먼저 보고 현장을 나중에 보았는데, 실제로 보니 완전 럭셔리 옥탑방이어서 우리 제작진 모두가 환성을 내질렀다.”며 만족감을 표시했다.

“The production crew also saw the picture on the internet first before we saw the actual site.  In real life it looks like a total luxury rooftop flat and the production crew gave a shout of triumph,” additional production staff Kim Na Young PD said with satisfaction.

조연출 additional production staff, 제작진 production crew,현장 scene

새롭게 리뉴얼된 옥탑방은 4월 18일(수) 밤 9시 55분 방송되는 SBS [옥탑방 왕세자]를 통해 방송에서 첫 공개된다.

The new renovated rooftop flat is scheduled to appear in the next episode of Rooftop Prince on Wednesday 18th April.

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    Oh wow so it’s real. O___O My sister and I kept wondering if it’s just a wall propped up with fake windows and lighting to make it look real.

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