Study Korean Through Drama: DRT ep10 천륜 filial piety

Karion, the butcher in Banchon is arrested after his knife is found in a scholar’s room attached to a threatening letter. But everyone is shocked because Karion has gained the King’s trust and often comes and goes from the palace. Could he really have something to do with the murders that are happening in the palace? Chae Yoon believes he is innocent but is worried that Karion is being framed and will not get justice because he is only a lowly butcher. Meanwhile Jo Mal Seng (who has been trying to catch Milbon for years and is DETERMINED to find them) questions Karion in the prison cell. He starts off gently as though he sympathises with Karion, but even though his voice is soft there is a tense atmosphere throughout the scene. He sounds TOO soft and understanding, and so it feels like he could turn nasty at ANY second … (the Korean script has been checked by a native speaker)

Deep Rooted Tree, SBS, 2011, Karion the butcher is questioned by Jo Mal Seng. 

time: 03:25 – 06:35

조말생:   내 남사출이 너를 겁박하여 제 집 제사에 나랏고기를 가져오라한 얘기는 들었느니라.
Jo Mal Seng: I heard that Nam Sa Chul forced you to take government meat to his house for a memorial ceremony.

겁박하다 force 제사 memorial service 나랏 (나라) country (government)
note: Karion prepares meat meant for the King, so the scholar Nam Sa Chul shouldn’t get Karion to bring him some. 

가리온: 예. 저는 그냥 고기만 가져왔을 뿐입니다요.
Karion: Yes. I just took some meat.

그냥 just 뿐 only

조말생: 그래. 난 네가 범인이라고 생각하지 않는다.
Jo Mal Seng:  Of course. I don’t think you are the criminal.

범인 criminal

가리온: 예. 대감마님. 맞습니다요. 전 아닙니다요.
Karion: No my Lord. That is correct. It is not I.

대감님 My Lord

조말생: 전하의 신임으로 이번 사건들의 검안까지 맡은 네가 그럴 연유가 뭐가 있겠어?
Jo Mal Seng:  You, who with the King’s trust have even taken on a post mortem, what reason would you have?

신임 confidence/trust 사건  incident 검안 post mortem 맡다 take on / handle. 연유 reason

가리온: 예. 소인은 전혀 그럴 이유가 없습니다요. 예.
Karion: No. I have absolutely no  reason to do this. No.

소인 old Korean for I, used by the low class when speaking to the higher class. 전혀 absolutely, 이유 reason

조말생: 헌데, 반촌엔 언제 들어왔는냐?
Jo Mal Seng: Anyway, when did you come in to Banchon?

들어오다 enter/come in 

가리온: 예?
Karion: I’m sorry?

조말생: 반촌에서 태어난 것이 아니라던데…
Jo Mal Seng: You were not born in Banchon, so …

태어나다 be born  

가리온: 소인이 열두살 때 아비가 반촌에 절 맡기셨습니다요.
Karion: When I was 12 years old, my father entrusted me to Banchon.

맡기다 leave/entrust

조말생: 그랬었구나? 허면 애비는 어디 있어?
Jo Mal Seng: Is that so? But where is your father?

애비  father

가리온: 어리실쩍 이미 돌아가셨습니다요. 자식때문에 아비 시신수습도 못하구…
Karion:  He passed away when still young. And because of me (his child), his body could not be collected either …

돌아가시다 pass away 자식 child 시신 corpse 수습 collect

조망생: 저런, 어쩌다 그리 됐느냐?
Jo Mal Seng: Oh dear, how did that happen?

가리온: 도적놈들에게 화살을 맞고 벌집이 되어… 돌아가셨다는 말만 들었습죠. 소인은…자식된 놈이 임종도 못하고…
Karion: He was shot with arrows by robbers (so many times) his body looked like a beehive.  I only heard that that is how he died. This bad son could not even see him on his deathbed.

도적 robber  화실 arrow 맞다 be hit/struck 벌집 beehive 임종 deathbed
note: in Confucianism it was very important that the child was present when his parents died. 

조말생:  천륜의 정은 천민이든, 양인이든, 사대부든 신분고하를 막론하고 모두 같은 것이다. 너의 아버지가 돌아가시면서 너의 생각을 얼마나 했겠느냐? 임종도 챙기지 못하고 시신수습도 못한 네 놈 심정은 또 오죽했을꼬. 헌데, 네 놈 꼴을 보거라! 애비가 그리  비명에 가고, 너도 그럴 셈이냐? 저승가서 무슨 명목으로 애비를 볼 것이야?
Jo Mal Seng: Regardless of one’s position –  low class, aristocrat, nobility – the feelings of filial piety are the same. When your father passed away, he must have thought about you so much. You couldn’t even take care of him on his deathbed. You must have felt terrible. But look at yourself. Your father died a violent death but do you want to go the same way? When you go to the afterlife, how will you look at him?

천륜 filial piety 정 affection 천민 low class 양인 aristocrat 사대부nobility 신분고하를 막론하고 regardless of one’s position, 모두 everyone, 챙기다 take care of, 심정 feelings, 비명에 가다 meet a violent death, 저승 afterlife, 

가리온: 대감마님. 소인은 정말 아닙옵니다요.
Karion: My Lord.  Honestly, it is not I.

조말생: 그래, 네 놈따위가 무슨 밀본이겠느냐? 넌 단지 심부름을 했을 뿐이야. 살아야하지 않겠느냐? 누구냐? 누가 그런 일을 강제로 시켰느냐?
Jo Mal Seng:  Quite. Why would a fellow like you be in Milbon? You were just running an errand. You should live, shouldn’t you? Who was it? Who forced you to do this?

  단지 simply, 심부름를 하다 run an errand, 시키다 order 강제로 forcibly

가리온: 아이구. 대감마님 …
Karion: Oh My Lord ….

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