Study Korean Through Drama: Deep Rooted Tree ep07 재가가 없다 no permission

Chae Yoon and the other guards realise that the assassin they have been searching for is in the library in 반촌 Banchon. In the Joseon period, Banchon was the name of the special area where the low class nobi servants lived. And this particular Banchon was for the nobi servants who served the scholars at the Sungkyunkwan Institute. Guards from the palace were not allowed to enter this area without the King’s permission. So now when Chae Yoon and the others go in to hunt for the assassin, the head of the servants, Do Dam Taek, demands to know what they are doing there. Do they have permission? They don’t, of course, and the servants want to protect Banchon and so clasping their makeshift weapons, they start to surround the guards ….

Deep Rooted Tree, SBS, 2011, Ep07, The guards face off with the servants in Banchon 

time 35:40 – 37:20

도담댁: 무슨 짓들입까?
Do Dam Taek: What is going on?

note: The head of the servants is from the north so speaks with a dialect. She says 입까? rather than the standard 입니까?

도담댁: 예가 어데라고 이래 불경한 짓을 벌인단 말입네까? 여기는 문성공 사당이 있는 반촌입다.
Do Dam Taek: Do you know where this is? Are you really doing this irreverent act? This is Banchon which has the shrine of Moon Sung Gung.

note: her dialect again가 어라고 = 여기가 어디라고
grammar note: ..(말 = word /language) 말입니까 is used to ask for clarification: Are you saying that ….. / Do you mean ….? In his reply, Park Po uses 말이여 – I mean …/ I’m saying.. to emphasise his point.
vocabulary: 불경한 짓 an irreverent act,  벌이다 do (일을 벌이다 do something – usually bad) 사당 shrine,

historical note:  Moon Sung Gung was the name given to An Hyang 안향 [安珦, 1243~1306] the Confucian scholar who is considered to be the founder of Neo -Confucianism in Korea. The Moon Sung Gung shrine was in the grounds of the Sungkyunkwan Institute. No one except the scholars were allowed to enter the Institute without permission.

박포: 여기서 일허던 놈이 집현전 학사를 죽인 범인이여. 그리고, 우리 채윤이를 감히 우리 겸사복을 죽이려고 했다 이 말이여.
Park Po: A jerk working here killed a scholar at the Institute of Learning. And he dared try to kill Chae Yoon of the Royal guards is what I’m saying .. 

도담댁: 허믄, 재가를 받았셨습네까?  이곳 벽사제는 집현전 학사님들께 책을 대들이는 곳입네다. 뉘기의 명으로 이래 하셨습네까?
Do Dam Taek: So, have you received permission?  This library is where the scholars from the Institute of Learning come for their books. On whose orders are you doing this?

note: 뉘기=누구
vocabulary:  학사 scholar  범 criminal 재가를 받다 get permission 명 orders

historical note: The집현전  jipheonjeon Institute of Learning was created by King Sejong. Scholars were chosen to work there on various projects including the creation of Hangul.
겸사복 gyeomsa bok was the Department of Royal Guards in the palace.
The 벽사제 was the library in Banchon.

 박포: 뭐?
Park Po: What?  

도담댁: 겸사복장입네까?  의금부 도제좀네까?  아니믄 전하십네까?
Do Dam Taek: The head of the Royal Guards? The head of the Royal Inspector’s Office? Or the King?  

박포: 없어. 없어. 그딴 거.
Park Po: No, No. We don’t (have permission) … 

도담댁: 다들 들었? 재가가 없으시단다.
Do Dam Taek: Did you all hear that? They don’t have permission …

note: ….들었 (dialect) = 들었지

[When the servants realise that the guards are there without permission, they get agitated and clasping their weapons start to edge towards them ..]

박포: 어.. 그려. 오늘 초상 쫌 치뤄보겠다 이 말이지?
Park Po: Oh! It looks like there’s going to be some mourning (bloodshed?) today, doesn’t it?

그려, 덤벼! …
Park Po:  OK. Bring it on!

vocabulary: 초상 mourning

The servants seem to be very protective of Banchon. Are they hiding something..?

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