All About Eve Episode 20 Final

So here we are at the final episode. I’ve loved watching this drama (YET AGAIN) but I do have a few complaints about this episode though! First of all, everyone seems to be SO FORGIVING towards Young Mi after everything she’s done. She even tried to physically harm (murder?) Joo Hee, but now that she’s disappeared everyone says, ‘oh well never mind! Forgive and forget.’ And then there’s Hyung Chul and Sun Mi’s relationship – It’s been so innocent all the way through. TOO innocent, I think! We could have been given a bit more at the end …. 

Young Mi gazes blankly ahead as she walks deeper into the lake to commit suicide. (I bet that’s cold though.) She has flashbacks of her arguments with Sun Mi and Mrs. Song and finally the truck that killed Woo Jin. Meanwhile, Sun Mi and Hyung Chul have arrived at Young Mi’s place. Now Sun Mi realises that it was odd that Young Mi came looking for her – maybe Young Mi was trying to reach out to her. Sun Mi chastises herself for not doing anything to help Young Mi (But since Young Mi is the reason that Woo Jin died, Sun Mi seems to be VERY UNDERSTANDING  – particularly since surely they were NEVER friends. To me she is being FAR too nice.) Back at work, Sun Mi checks to see if there have been any accidents reported. It doesn’t look like it.


All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Sun Mi worried about Young Mi’s disappearance

Young Mi has left a letter to Hyung Chul confessing everything. Joo Hee is shocked to learn that it was Young Mi who tampered with the brakes of her car and caused her accident. But when Hyung Chul asks her what she wants to do about this –  Does she want to press charges? – Joo Hee decides to do nothing. Because if Woo Jin could forgive her, then so can she! She even adds that it must have been hard for Young Mi to confess to all this and then leave. Everyone is being VERY understanding all of a sudden.

On the news, Joo Hee reads out an item about a young woman who has been found drowned. Sun Mi cringes. It makes her think about Young Mi because nobody knows what’s happened to her. She could be dead.


All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Joo Hee is willing to forgive and forget

Joo Hee has decided not to the UK and to get married instead. (Hang on a minute. I thought she was really ambitious? But all of a sudden she turns down a great opportunity because Sun Dal doesn’t want her to go? Are they trying to say that all women really want to do is get married?) Anyway, now it looks like Sun Mi can go to the UK instead of Joo Hee …

Hyung Chul finds Sun Mi waiting at the bus stop. He grabs her hand and she’s surprised that he does this so openly in public. She’s still worried about keeping their relationship quiet. (Even though it was all over the front page of the newspaper?) He walks her home in the rain again (some of this drama must have been filmed in the rainy season or under a sprinkler). Sun Mi mentions that Joo Hee won’t be going to London after all … She’s testing the water. She asks him if he were Sun Dal would he let her go to London. Of course he says yes. But he seems to have no idea that she is thinking about going …


All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Joo Hee’s marriage means Sun Mi can go to the UK instead

Sun Mi is trying to read some English newspapers. But Hyung Chul obviously didn’t take the hint because he is going ahead with his marriage plans and arranges to formally introduce her to his father – after he speaks to her father of course. So adorably traditional. Then he goes to choose a ring for her and writes a marriage proposal. He even watches clips of romantic films starring Julia Roberts (Pretty Woman) for inspiration. (Oh now that’s a bit much!)

All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Sun Mi studies English while Hyung Chul buys a ring

It’s the day of Sun Dal and Joo Hee’s wedding. There’s more comedy as Jin Soo and Cho Jeh arrive. Jin Soo has got a (very large) video recorder and but Cho Jeh slaps his face when he seems more interested in recording her chest! Are these two really going to get married? During the wedding Hyung Chul and Sun Mi both confess that they have something to tell each other. They agree to meet after the wedding. Sun Mi says she’s envious of the bride so Hyung Chul looks hopeful since he is obviously planning to propose to her. But they are both thinking completely different things. Ahh.

Cho Jeh has been picked to catch the bride’s bouquet so she steps forward. But to her annoyance Sun Mi catches it instead! Hyung Chul looks very pleased though.

All About Eve, MBC, 2000, is this an omen when Sun Mi catches the bouquet?  

After the wedding, Hyung Chul and Sun Mi go to a rather cheesy bar. (I think he could have chosen somewhere better than this. This is not the classiest place ever – there’s even a bottle of brown sauce on the table. Hello!) Anyway, Hyung Chul seems nervous as  he asks the singer (in English) to sing a romantic song as he’s going to propose. This bit is cheesy too. He takes the ring out of his pocket to the song The Rose, (made famous by Bette Midler).

But he wants Sun Mi to speak first. So of course she tells him about the job in London. He’s taken aback. He didn’t see that one coming although she has made several hints. Hyung Chul doesn’t want to hold her back and says that if she wants to go then she must go. He puts the ring back in his pocket, but Sun Mi does look a little disappointed … Did she want him to say, DON’T GO? 

All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Hyung Chul gets ready to propose

Meanwhile, Sun Mi’s dad has a few drinks with Mrs. Song and they talk about Woo Jin. She’s worried that Woo Jin will hate her if anything bad happens to Young Mi. Hyung Chul drives Sun Mi home and her dad comes out to meet them. He’s drunk and to Sun Mi’s dismay invites Hyung Chul in for a drink. They drink together while Sun Mi has to make snacks! Sun Mi isn’t pleased to have Hyung Chul there at all! And she worries about how he will get home if he has a drink. (She’s being very prissy right now.) To make matters worse her dad invites Hyung Chul to stay the night!

So Hyung Chul is to sleep in Sun Mi’s bed. She brings him some pyjamas. (But she seems very uncomfortable. Why can’t she just enjoy having him stay over? And where’s the sexual tension?) Hyung Chul obviously senses that she’s uncomfortable and says he’ll leave as soon as her dad goes to bed.

All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Hyung Chul bonds with Sun Mi’s dad

They sit together on the bed and she turns the video on for some background noise. But it’s the video he gave her that starts playing and she quickly switches it off. That was embarrassing! But he smiles and they spend some time together – he looks through her photo albums of when she was a baby. They laugh until they see a photo of Young Mi and Woo Jin. But what are those pics doing in between the baby pictures though? Hyung Chul tells her that they were going to offer her Young Mi’s job on Eve’s Morning, but the London job is even better.

So is that what you were going to tell me? Sun Mi asks.

Hyung Chul says yes. She seems disappointed and is about to say something but stops herself. They are having a misunderstanding again. She says goodnight and Sun Mi sleeps with her dad in his room while Hyung Chul seems thoughtful in her room. He gazes at the engagement ring…

All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Hyung Chul stays the night in Sun Mi’s room

It’s Sun Mi’s last day at work and everyone is excited for her trip to London. But Hyung Chul is  quiet in the meeting. But then on her last appearance on Eve’s Morning, Sun Mi is shocked when she happens to see Young Mi on a news item about an orphanage. Straight afterwards, Hyung Chul and Sun Mi drive to the orphanage in the countryside to find Young Mi.

All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Sun Mi recognises Young Mi on the news

When they arrive there, Young Mi is playing with the children. Sun Mi calls her name, but Young Mi doesn’t recognise her. (She looks like she did at the beginning of the drama. Her hair is longer. I suppose this part of the drama was taped earlier?) Sun Mi is upset that Young Mi has lost her memory. She doesn’t even remember who Woo Jin is. But she has a picture of him in her wallet and guesses she must have liked him.

A nun explains that some of the children saved her from the lake. But now she can’t remember anything that happened after she was 6 years old. And nobody at the orphanage recognised her because they can’t watch MBS there in the countryside.

Young Mi asks Sun Mi what kind of person she was. (awkward!) So Sun Mi says she was pretty and smart! (Well that is true, but ...) So Young Mi asks again what kind of person she was. Sun Mi says she was her best friend. (Oh! Really? But I suppose there’s no point saying anything else.) Before she goes Sun Mi gives Young Mi the necklace. She wants Young Mi to go home with them but she is happy at the orphanage.

It’s a tearful farewell for Sun Mi who realises that the reason why Young Mi can’t remember anything after she was 6 years old is because that’s when her mum left her. So she can only remember the happy times of her life.

All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Young Mi is happy at the orphanage

Hyung Chul drives Sun Mi home and they are quiet because they know it will soon be time to say goodbye. Sun Mi asks him  not to go to the airport tomorrow. Then she gets out of the car. Is that it? No hug even? Or eye contact?

She waits for the lights to change to cross the road. And Hyung Chul watches her as she walks away. They both have tears in their eyes. Then suddenly he gets out of the car and calls her name. She turns around in surprise. He rushes over to her and puts the ring on her finger. And proposes. Don’t go, he says. She agrees and they kiss. The camera swirls around them as we see that they are still standing in the middle of the road. Cars driving by!

Hmm. Well, we’ve been waiting for this moment. The kiss. But, it looks very uncomfortable to me. They kiss a few time but between each kiss, their expressions are saying, ‘oh no we have to kiss again!’ These are not the faces of two people who haven’t even noticed that the traffic lights have changed and they are still standing in the middle of the road! They seem to be very aware of everything around them! And as for her not going to England because he wants to marry her – why can’t they get engaged and put off the wedding for a while? She could still go. She’s too young to get married straight away anyway. But I get the feeling that she won’t be going back to work. OK I guess it’s because this drama represents traditional values -women get married and live happily ever after as homemakers. They don’t have a career after they marry. After all, the only women who have careers or jobs in this drama are single or widowed (Mrs. Song)

But even with my little complaints about the ending, this is still one of my favourite Korean dramas. Loved it! 



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  • January 26, 2012 at 9:15 am

    Thanks so much for the recaps!!! :)

  • August 20, 2012 at 6:37 pm

    Thankss .. I am reading this recap in 2012. It’s really a great drama.

  • December 6, 2012 at 10:53 pm

    Thank you so much for all the recaps. I am interested in all projects of HJS and came to know his best friend JDG in this drama. I became a fan of HJS after watching Ohlala Couple where I first saw him and thought he was great so I am looking for all his works.
    You recaps are great and I read all the episodes in one sitting just finishing now. I got interested in this drama because i read many good reviews of this that this is such a classic one. Recaps like this help us a lot in understanding the story before or after watching. I admit I got interested in Kdramas after i accidentally watched 49Days last year and thoroughly searched it on line. Ohlala is my third Kdrama to watch because of NGR and am glad to meet HJS, a good actor and now JDG. I want to continue to search HJS works and I greatly appreciate your site. I am updating HJS’s page in soompi and have shared your link. I want to read your other recaps and blogs too. Please continue this nice work. Thank you.

  • December 9, 2012 at 8:45 am

    Thanks for reading all my recaps!
    I know this drama is more than 10 years old now but it will always be one of my favourites. It has such a great cast and it reminds me of the time I first got interested in K-dramas. And every now and again I love watching it all the way through again! :)

    • June 25, 2016 at 12:38 am

      Hi Thanks again for your recaps.I fully understand the whole story now ..What a classic drama…

  • May 27, 2014 at 10:24 am

    thanks for the recaps and your comments! enhanced the show for me!

  • June 9, 2014 at 12:11 am

    i would love to see both of them to be a real couple! but of course, it won’t be. perhaps, at least, both of them can be together in a new drama in the future :)


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