All About Eve Episode 17

Woo Jin is starting to confuse me. Why is he putting himself through all this misery? Before, he DIDN’T KNOW what Young Mi was really like. So he stood up for her when others made accusations against her. That was admirable. Naive. But admirable – although he should have believed Sun Mi and his mum who had his real interests at heart. But now he DOES KNOW what she is capable of – she has even attempted murder. And yet HE STILL wants her back. And he’s prepared to cover up what she did. Surely he doesn’t believe that she will ever stop lying. All I can do is shake my head and shout at the screen.

Sun Mi is irritating too now. Why doesn’t she JUST TELL Hyung Chul how she really feels? And save all this misunderstanding? But she doesn’t say anything and so their relationship is now on the rocks. 

Hyung Chul drags Sun Mi to his car determined to take her home because he can’t bear to see her standing in the rain waiting for Woo Jin. But she struggles, sure that Woo Jin WILL come.  At Hyung Chul’s place (is this the first time they have been there alone?) they dry off, but she is in a mood with him. So Hyung Chul explains that Woo Jin WON’T be coming because he is with Young Mi.

Meanwhile, Woo Jin takes Young Mi to a motel – he doesn’t want to take her home. He shouldn’t even be spending any time with her. What is he thinking? Young Mi tries to work her magic on him by trying to hug him and kiss him. But he’s cold and unresponsive. She doesn’t know what to do and collapses on the floor trying to make excuses for what she did to Joo Hee’s car. She begs him not to tell anyone. And she wants the tape. (surely that’s the ONLY reason she’s here.) But Woo Jin gives her an ultimatum – he won’t go to the police this time, but she had better behave from now on, or else….. And he’ll keep the tape just in case she misbehaves. He walks away and leaves her in the room screaming in frustration. She got off lightly though. He should have gone to the police!


All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Hyung Chul explains that Woo Jin is with Young Mi

Sun Mi is still being cold towards Hyung Chul. Why? He’s patient but then finally tells her that he’s realised that he means nothing to her. Because when she likes someone it’s all or nothing. (that’s why all her attention is on Woo Jin.) Sun Mi tries to tell him that this is not the case – she wasn’t waiting for Woo Jin because she loves him but because she trusts him and so believed he wouldn’t stand her up.

But she can’t say how she really feels about Hyung Chul, the words won’t come out. So Hyung Chul decides to take her back to the meeting place. And IF Woo Jin IS there, then Hyung Chul thinks he may be able to let her go. He probably doesn’t think Woo Jin will be there. But as they pull up in the car, Woo Jin appears. Oh this is such a sad bit. Nothing is said between them. Sun Mi really needs to say something at this point. But she just gets out of the car without a word and meets Woo Jin. Hyung Chul gazes at the two of them for a while from his car. I don’t like this. It’s hard to watch. I wish he would just drive off instead of lingering there. He seems weak and I don’t like him getting soppy!


All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Hyung Chul decides to let Sun Mi go

Woo Jin’s mum uses a towel to dry Sun Mi’s hair just like Hyung Chul just did. She is just like a surrogate mum to Sun Mi so I suppose I can see why Sun Mi wants to do anything to please her, but she’s going too far with Woo Jin now. And Woo Jin knows this. And he doesn’t want her to lose Hyung Chul because of him. He tells her to go to Hyung Chul. He really cares about her like a little sister. And he’s embarrassed that she has had to see him like this.

Sun Mi goes home. But after waiting in the rain she gets a fever. (Is it from waiting in the rain or is she stressing over possibly losing Hyung Chul?) Anyway, her fever gets worse the next day on Eve’s Morning Show.

All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Sun Mi gets sick

More comedy now as Jin Soo gets ‘advice’ from his two male senior colleagues Sun Dal and Ki Jong. He’s thinking of a way to propose to Cho Jeh. Really? Even after they almost killed each other at the pool? He wants to do a ‘parachute proposal’ – sending the wedding ring on a little parachute from above so it lands in her lap. Is this romantic he wonders? But the two men are against it. They say that’s the cheesiest thing they have ever heard. It’s just the ring that’s important. So there is no need to do anything extra.

Jin Soo (stupidly) takes this advice and later in the lobby (!) he presents Cho Jeh with the ring. She’s pleased with the ring but asks WHAT ELSE he has planned. The answer of course is NOTHING. And he just repeats what he was told – doing other stuff would be cheesy. But just as he says this, Cho Jeh is distracted as a parachute with a ring floats down to Kyung Hui who is sitting nearby! Ki Jong has stolen Jin Soo’s proposal idea! Of course Jin Soo is furious. Especially now Cho Jeh feels jealous and dissatisfied because Kyung Hui has had a more romantic proposal! Jin Soo energetically tries to explain that this was HIS IDEA. But she doesn’t want his excuses and simply walks off.

 All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Jin Soo has his proposal idea stolen

Jin Soo is still mad as he watches Ki Jong and Kyung Hui flirting during a meeting. Sun Mi turns up late  – perhaps she forgot because she’s sick. But she gets told off by Hyung Chul. His words seem a little too harsh – I’ve never seen him shouting at other people like that. His emotions seem to be getting in the way. But he has been told that she is unorganised in her work. And when he asks her what she has prepared for the next show he hears that she hasn’t decided on anything yet.

He asks around for other ideas and of course Young Mi has got a suggestion ready so they go with that. This IS Sun Mi’s fault though.  Later in his office he tells her that he doesn’t want to help her out any more at work – it makes her colleagues think less of her for starters. She apologises and leaves. But she’s not looking well.

 All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Sun Mi gets told off 

Sun Mi goes to do her evening radio program and feels gradually worse and worse. By the end of the show she can barely speak and collapses on the desk. Hyung Chul is listening to the show on his car radio as he goes home. Suddenly everything goes dead and he wonders what’s going on. He turns the car around and drives back to work. He rushes into the studio to find Sun Mi has collapsed.

He picks her up in his arms like she’s a baby (not the usual piggy-back style lift that we usually see when someone is sick) and rushes off to the hospital. It’s very dramatic but is she really that sick? Wouldn’t she be ok just going home taking a couple of aspirin and going to bed with a hot water bottle? Hyung Chul calls Sun Mi’s dad who is working away on a site and can’t make it back to Seoul till tomorrow. So Hyung Chul says he will stay with her in the hospital.

All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Sun Mi collapses and is hospitalised 

At work Young Mi is still trying to creep around Joo Hee. But her efforts are not working. Sun Dal comes up and tells Joo Hee that her car has been tampered with – so unless the mechanic made a mistake, this was not an accident. Young Mi overhears and spills coffee over herself (we hear her classic angry ‘cup squeezing’ sound effect here again) She is agitated and hurries off – obviously guilty.

The thought that she might be found out has flustered her and she goes running off to Woo JIn. She says ‘lets start again’. He knows this is all about the tape. She even admits it. But she says she’s scared of what she might do next. After all, she has already tried to kill Joo Hee! But is this an act? Is she really this shaken up over what she did? She suggests they move abroad or at least out of Seoul. She even says he can keep hold of the tape. This pleases him and he hugs her. OH NO! He’s taken her back. What a fool. From now on I have zero sympathy for him. ZERO.

In hospital Sun Mi looks over a magazine. There’s an article about Hyung Chul and a rumoured engagement. She looks visibly shaken to see this. Then he calls her. He’s in the hospital car park but says he’s at work. He asks to come and see her. But she puts him off saying her dad is on his way.

All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Young Mi and Woo Jin get back together

Jin Soo is still mad about Ki Jong stealing his proposal idea. He asks Sun Dal for his opinion on another idea he has but Sun Dal says that’s cheesy too. Don’t tell me Sun Dal is going to steal his idea this time. Yes he is! Cho Jeh and Jin Soo walk outside when they see a bear dressed up. Joo Hee comes out and sees the bear holding a poster – the poster says ‘I love you Joo Hee!’ Jin Soo can’t believe it. Cho Jeh thinks it’s so romantic so again Jin Soo tries to explain that it was HIS IDEA. But she doesn’t believe him!

All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Jin Soo gets another proposal idea stolen!

Young Mi and Woo Jin seem to be back together but Young Mi doesn’t want to say anything to his mum yet. Young Mi goes to a photo shoot where Hyung Chul is too. And she still seems to be giving him the eye. It seems that she hasn’t given up totally on him yet then. Meanwhile, Sun Mi is invited out to dinner with Director Kim and other important people. He wants her to be an announcer on a new show. But this will rival Hyung Chul’s programme.

During dinner Hyung Chul arrives with Young Mi and Sun Dal. Hyung Chul is initially shocked that Director Kim is trying to get Sun Mi on his shows – he hasn’t shown any interest in her so far so I’m a bit surprised too frankly. All he’s done so far is complain about her. But Hyung Chul doesn’t want to hold her back. This is good for her career and he says it’s up to her what she wants to do. Sun Dal senses something is wrong and asks Hyung Chul in front of Young Mi if he broke up with Sun Mi. Oh come on Sun Dal – don’t say anything in front of Young Mi. Hyung Chul doesn’t reply. Young Mi gets suspicious and wants to confirm the break up with Sun Mi. This new development leaves Young Mi looking thoughtful. Is she going to try it on again with Hyung Chul now?


All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Sun Mi gets offered another position

Young Mi calls Woo Jin saying she will go to his place since his mum is not home. When she arrives Woo Jin pretends to be in the shower. Sure enough he catches her searching his room for the tape.

Meanwhile, Hyung Chul waits for Sun Mi outside her house but she is taking a long walk as she has a lot on her mind. But when she finally gets home Hyung Chul is still waiting….


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  • December 21, 2011 at 11:03 pm

    I think Director Kim is interested with Sun Mi because if its not straight news, she gets high ratings. And the show that he was offering to Sun Mi is more of a feature show/magazine show type.

  • May 27, 2014 at 7:54 am

    ” It’s very dramatic but is she really that sick? Wouldn’t she be ok just going home taking a couple of aspirin and going to bed with a hot water bottle?”

    seriously! i’ve never had to spend a night in the hospital because i got caught in the rain :s


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