All About Eve Episode 16

Young Mi’s jealousy of Sun Mi is really starting to get out of control now. And when it looks like Sun Mi might get a promotion thanks to Joo Hee’s help, Young Mi turns her anger on Joo Hee and even puts her life in danger. But Young Mi is getting careless and people are starting to see what she’s really like. Woo Jin is still in a mess and so Sun Mi carries on neglecting Hyung Chul to look after him. Hyung Chul has been patient so far but he can’t keep waiting for ever. 

Mrs Song and Sun Mi go to the police station to bring Woo Jin home after his arrest for drunk fighting. Mrs. Song is so upset and worried about Woo Jin that she asks Sun Mi to ‘stay with him’ because she’s frightened of what will happen to him – she must mean she wants Sun Mi to date him?

So Sun Mi dutifully tells Hyung Chul not to wait for her anymore because she needs to look after Woo Jin. And she might even MARRY HIM. What? He’s heart-broken over someone else. The last thing she should do is marry him. He’s even told her again and again that he has never looked at her as a woman. This is crazy. Anyway, Hyung Chul patiently says he’ll still wait for her until the day she marries Woo Jin. OH PLEASE.

All About Eve MBC, 2000, Sun Mi tells Hyung Chul that her loyalties lie with Woo Jin

The work day is finishing at MBS and everyone is going home. Young Mi comments to Joo Hee on how she’s being nice to Sun Mi all of a sudden. She’s got a nerve. Get over it Young Mi. You’ve burned your bridges with Joo Hee now. Then on her way to the news desk, Young Mi walks past Sun Mi and Woo Jin but ignores them both. Sun Mi is trying to get Woo Jin to go straight home instead of going out drinking. AGAIN. But as they leave together and she gets in his car, Hyung Chul sees them. Woo Jin tells her to get out as Hyung Chul is looking over, but she refuses and tells him to drive.

Mrs. Song is grateful to Sun Mi for looking after Woo Jin. But Woo Jin tells her not to do everything his mum says. Well at least he’s able to think about what’s best for her and he feels bad that she’s not spending time with Hyung Chul because of him. He knows they will never be romantically involved. Then there’s a moment of very bad timing as they put the TV on to catch Young Mi reading the news about weddings! Oh dear. Woo Jin turns the TV off quickly. That was quite funny though. Woo Jin walks Sun Mi home.

She plays with the ankle bracelet from Hyung Chul – she seems to wear it all the time. So she is still thinking about him. Meanwhile, Hyung Chul is taking a bubble bath and drinking red wine (a habit he picked up in the UK perhaps?) He’s deep in thought too.

 All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Young Mi feels jealous that Joo Hee is warming to Sun Mi

It’s comedy interlude time again! Jin Soo and Cho Jeh are in their swimming costumes at the swimming pool. Cho Jeh comes out all sheepish in her cute (not sexy at all, bless) outfit and Jin Soo is smiling. But then he pushes her away because he’s NOT looking at her but the two other girls behind her!!! OMG. That would be the end for me. I would go home in a mood.

But they go off to mess around together in the pool. But they start messing around too much splashing each other more and more until what started off as a play fight has turned into something more sinister – they are are holding each other’s heads under the water for a little TOO LONG. It looks like they are trying to kill each other now! And they are causing quite a commotion and the other swimmers have gathered around to watch in bemusement!

All About Eve, MBC, 2000, The comedy duo have ‘fun’ at the pool

Back at the office, Hyung Chul is having problems getting people on board with his new ideas for the company. The older producers want to keep a more traditional format and rely on things that they know will work – semi naked women etc – to keep the ratings up. Hyung Chul wants to take a more sophisticated approach.

He’s called to Director Kim’s office where he also meets Young Mi. Director Kim likes Young Mi and wants her to work on a new project. Hyung Chul thinks this will clash with her work on Eve’s Morning so she dutifully declines to do the other show. But after the meeting she’s waiting for Hyung Chul. She refused the offer to please HIM and now she wants her reward. She really is something. And it looks like he can’t refuse. 

 All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Young Mi continues to work on Hyung Chul 

Sun Mi finds Woo Jin unshaven and STILL DRINKING in a bar. She orders a shot of the bar’s strongest liquor – ha ha. I’ve never heard anyone going into a bar and saying to the barman that they want a glass of their strongest liquor. She is so unworldly. She takes a gulp before almost spitting it out. Then, what a coincidence, Young Mi and Hyung Chul arrive at the bar too. Of course Young Mi ignores them and sits at the bar.

She focuses her attention on Hyung Chul and when he goes to get the schedule sheets for the show out of his brief case, she asks him what the secret combination of his lock is! She asks because she says people usually use a meaningful number. How cheeky she is. But he tells her (so the secret number is not so secret anymore) Sun Mi and Woo Jin both hear this and know the numbers are the same as Sun Mi’s birthday. Woo Jin gets up and staggers out. Hyung Chul tells Sun Mi to stay where she is – he will deal with this.

 All About Eve, MBC, 2000, The two couples meet in a bar – awkward

Outside, Woo Jin promptly throws up. He demands to know why Hyung Chul is not spending time with Sun Mi. Is Woo Jin jealous thinking that Hyung Chul has fallen for Young Mi? But Hyung Chul merely says he has to let Sun Mi do what she wants. And right now she is choosing to be with Woo Jin…

Inside, Young Mi goes over to sit with Sun Mi for another showdown. She’s still unrepentant about Woo Jin but then suddenly changes her tune and begs Sun Mi to let her HAVE Hyung Chul IN EXCHANGE for Woo Jin! Oh if only things were that simple! Sun Mi won’t listen and leaves with a very drunk Woo Jin. So Young Mi turns to flutter her eye lashes at Hyung Chul again.

Back at his house, Woo Jin collapses on the bed and tells Sun Mi to stay away from him – because he doesn’t love her like he loves Young Mi. Charming. Meanwhile Young Mi sits at home crying over a picture of Woo Jin. Why is she doing this then, duh? She rips up the graduation photo of herself with Sun Mi. Looks like it’s time for her to really start playing hard ball. 

 All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Another classic Sun Mi and Young Mi face off

BUT then Young Mi hears some very bad news indeed – Joo Hee is training Sun Mi so SUN MI may be able to get the 9 pm news slot soon. This sends Young Mi crazy with jealousy.

Desperately, she tries to butter up Joo Hee to get back in her good books. But Joo Hee is not a fool and seems to see through her now. Then to make matters worse she overhears Sun Mi and Joo Hee chatting and getting on well in the office. Sun Mi offers to help Joo Hee with an article she’s writing. And Young Mi looks ready to explode with rage.

 All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Young Mi jealously watches Joo Hee help Sun Mi

During Sun Mi’s evening radio program, Hyung Chul secretly watches her as she reads out a love poem. Meanwhile, Young Mi is desperate to do something about Sun Mi’s new improved relationship with Joo Hee. She knows that Sun Mi is helping Joo Hee with her writing, so when nobody is looking she removes the floppy disc from Sun Mi’s computer and deletes Joo Hee’s files.

The next day she overhears Joo Hee scolding Sun Mi and jumps to the conclusion that they are talking about the deleted files. Joo Hee demands to know how she knows about the disc. Now it feels that the tide is turning against Young Mi. Before she was the Golden Girl and everyone always fell for her lies. Her survival skills and instincts were brilliant before, but she is starting to make mistakes now. They realise that she has got something to do with the missing files. And for the first time she is caught out. She must be getting really desperate and she’s letting her guard slip.


All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Young Mi deletes Joo Hee’s files

And now there’s even more trouble for Young Mi as her ex calls her from prison to let her know that he will be out soon. He tells her to enjoy herself as much as she can before he gets out. This sounds like a threat. She was the one who had him arrested after all. And she looks worried.

Nothing is going right for her. Next, she has a problem with her car and nearly runs people over at a crossing. She takes the car to the garage and is told that she must have ignored the light that shows the brake oil is low – an issue that affects FEMALE drivers according to the rather sexist mechanic! But being told that it’s a dangerous but common problem with female drivers (grrrrr) seems to give her an idea. And we see her acting very suspiciously sneaking down to the car park at work.

Later, Joo Hee gets in her car to go home. But sure enough, her brakes are not working! She crashes into the wall and is rushed to hospital. Then Young Mi looks very pleased with herself when she’s called to a meeting with the directors. Because with Joo Hee out of the way, SHE is in line for the 9 pm news reader position as there is not enough time to train Sun Mi. Of course she pretends that she couldn’t possibly do it!

But just as she is finally persuaded, the door bursts open and an agitated Joo Hee staggers in on crutches saying she can still do the news. It’s only her leg that’s broken. Ha Ha. Young Mi’s face. There’s a tender moment after work when Sun Dal drives Joo Hee home and lets her know how important she is to him. Ahh.

 All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Joo Hee comes back to work and ruins Young Mi’s plans

Woo Jin comes back from his business trip and hears about Joo Hee’s ‘accident’. But the fact that this means Young Mi will take over her 9 pm slot makes Woo Jin suspicious. He rushes to the company security office and asks to see CCTV footage from the car park. Sure enough his worst fears are realised as he sees Young Mi quite clearly opening the bonnet of Joo Hee’s car and tampering with the engine. She really is getting careless. And when she arrives for work, to her horror she sees the camera too.

Sun Mi is standing in the rain waiting for Woo Jin when Hyung Chul happens to walk by and see her. He runs under her umbrella and she guiltily tells him who she’s waiting for. She’s acting like a little girl! Then when a car comes close and splashes them, Hyung Chul grabs her and they get pushed closer together. It’s an awkward moment and afterwards Hyung Chul quickly runs off into the rain. Sigh.

Young Mi arrives at the security office too, desperately looking for the tape. The security man is wondering why so many people are looking for the same tape! So Young Mi learns that Woo Jin came to see the tape first and she rushes off to find him. She finds his office. But he’s not there, so she takes the opportunity to search the office for the tape. Then he arrives waving the tape in front of her like carrot on a string. But he won’t give the tape to her. His eyes show that he knows what she is but he still loves her. Crazy fool. She puts on her annoying helpless doe-eye look. She’s sure she can persuade him to give her the tape. 

 All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Awkward Moments: Sun Mi and Hyung Chul; Woo Jin and Young Mi

She pleads with him to help her. Tells him she loves him. And suggests they go home. He agrees. What is he thinking? Is he going to use this tape as blackmail to make her stay with him? In the car she cuddles up to him, but he drives without emotion. He must know that she just wants the tape back. As they drive away, Hyung Chul comes out of his meeting and sees them together. He realises that Sun Mi is probably still waiting for Woo Jin. So he drops his umbrella and rushes off to find her.

Sure enough she IS still waiting in the rain. Without his umbrella, Hyung Chul is getting soaked. Finally, he marches over to her and grabs her by the arm. She struggles but he pulls her away. She wants to stay and wait, but he knows that Woo Jin is not coming and he can’t stand to see her like this…




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