All About Eve Episode 15

 Poor Hyung Chul gets neglected as Sun Mi concentrates more and more on Woo Jin’s break down. And although I feel bad for Woo Jin I really wish he’d pull himself together! He’s upsetting his mum even more drinking every night and since she tried to warn him about Young Mi in the first place, I think he should have the decency to accept that she was right and stop wallowing in self pity now! He knew how upset she was when he started dating Young Mi and now he’s making things worse by not being able to get over her. Joo Hee sees another side of Young Mi that she doesn’t like so much and gets a taste of her hard character. No one is safe from Young Mi but at least we can see that no matter what, she doesn’t seem to be able to manipulate Hyung Chul. 

Young Mi sits in Hyung Chul’s hotel room and tells him that she wants to quit the company (yeah right) because it’s too hard to look at him when he shows her no feelings in return. She’s so manipulative but he recognises this and asks if she’s trying to blame him for her break up with Woo Jin. Then he calmly asks her if he ever showed her signs that he liked her. He didn’t of course and she has no answer to this. She seems to be trying to force a reaction from him – by saying she wants to quit. But he simply says he doesn’t want to lose her because she’s a good news reader. But that’s it! It’s not personal. She can’t break him – this must be very frustrating for her!

Meanwhile Sun Mi has realised that Young Mi must have broken up with Woo Jin because of Hyung Chul. So now she’s worried that Young Mi will try to take Hyung Chul from her – she’s in his room now after all. To make things worse, in the morning  Sun Mi happens to find them together in the lift. Suspicious – it looks like they spent the night together? But Hyung Chul is pleased to see her and pulls her into the lift before the doors close  – it’s awkward in the confined space with the three of them though!


All About Eve, 2000, MBC, Sun Mi feels jealous over Young Mi and Hyung Chul

At work Sun Dal tells Joo Hee that he saw Young Mi coming out of Hyung Chul’s hotel room. Joo Hee thinks this is strange and tries to question Young Mi about it when they eat together. But their relationship has definitely soured and Young Mi is not so responsive to Joo Hee anymore and refuses to talk about her relationship with Woo Jin. The balance of power has changed in their relationship. Young Mi is more in control now.

Finally, Sun Mi questions Hyung Chul over Young Mi. Why was she in his room late at night? But Hyung Chul does not get defensive at all.  In fact, he looks happy that she is jealous!

At work, Cho Jeh has a coffee break with Young Mi who is bad mouthing Joo Hee since she doesn’t need Joo Hee anymore and in fact is now after her job – the prestigious 9pm slot. Young Mi really is super confident and says she doesn’t need anyone to help her – she can get whatever she wants by herself. Just then, Joo Hee walks past, but Young Mi doesn’t even acknowledge her! How things have changed. Joo Hee’s expression shows that she has realised this too.

All About Eve, 2000, MBC, Young Mi casts Joo Hee aside. 

Comedy Time Again – Jin Soo arrives to see Cho Jeh. I love these little comedy interludes with this couple. Cho Jeh still acts coy and embarrassed to be with him in front of other people. Is she embarrassed to be seen with him at work or just in public?! He gets offended at her attitude and does his classic routine of talking loudly and revealing too much information and they get spotted by their seniors! But then SHE gets offended when He tells the others that they are DEFINITELY NOT dating. She walks off in a mood even though SHE didn’t want to tell people they were dating either. Women are hard to please, aren’t they!

All About Eve, 2000, MBC, the interesting romance of Cho Jeh and Jin Soo

Sun Mi goes to warn Young Mi to stay away from Hyung Chul. Why oh why does she do this? It’s only going to make things worse. Sure enough, Young Mi looks pleased that Sun Mi is worried and of course she has ABSOLUTELY no intention of giving up on Hyung Chul. Sun Mi is still so naive.

Woo Jin comes home drunk AGAIN. His mum tries to get him to go on dates with other girls and even mentions Sun Mi again. She’s trying to help but it’s far too soon to think of dating other women. And he refuses. At work it’s hard because he has to edit Young Mi’s tapes – she’s interviewing mothers about missing children. Hyung Chul watches Young Mi trying to show empathy on the video. She’s not doing a great job. She tries to look emotional on live TV. Then Woo Jin watches Sun Mi and raises a sad smile.

Sun Mi and Woo Jin go off filming reports at outdoor concerts. They spend time together and she tries to cheer him up. She hates seeing him like this. But later she has to go. She leaves him and he looks upset again. Her feelings really have changed. Before Hyung Chul came along she would have wanted to date Woo Jin herself.

All About Eve 2000, MBC, Woo Jin struggles to get over Young Mi

At work, Young Mi bumps into Joo Hee and knocks all the paper out of her hand onto the floor. But she just apologises and rushes off – she doesn’t held her pick up the papers and this is not lost on Joo Hee. Sun Mi comes along and tries to help. But Joo Hee is upset. She has realised how rude she herself was when she first start working there because other people compare Young Mi to her. She worries that she was just like Young Mi but Sun Dal says Young Mi is different – nobody knows who she really is.

Hyung Chul invites Sun Mi on a date at the weekend but she already has plans to have lunch with Mrs. Song and Woo Jin. Mrs. Song is worried about Woo Jin and is trying to cheer him up. But she agrees to meet him in the afternoon. He says he wants to introduce her to someone special. Before she goes in, she tells him that she likes him! Ah. He smiles all the way home – how cute.

Woo Jin arrives drunk at Sun Mi’s house and wants to stay the night there – since they are like brother and sister and he doesn’t want his mum to see him drunk again. But in his drunken state he proposes to her – hoping that being with her will help him get over Young Mi! Oh dear. They both cry…Woo Jin sleeps there for a while and then leaves late while Sun Mi sleeps. Meanwhile, Hyung Chul tells Joo Hee on the phone that he’s taking someone with him to his mother’s grave on her birthday. Sun Mi doesn’t know he’s planning to take her there.


All About Eve, 2000, MBC, Sun Mi tries to comfort Woo Jin

Woo Jin is waiting at the restaurant but he’s very drunk. His mum and Sun Mi’s dad look uncomfortable when they arrive and see him in that state. His mum runs off in tears as he knocks things over and rolls around drunk. Meanwhile, Hyung Chul is waiting for Sun Mi (with flowers) to take her to his mother’s grave. But Woo Jin is in a mess and so Sun Mi calls and cancels their date saying her father is sick – oh no, that was a lie. (well he was complaining earlier that she mentions Woo Jin’s name a lot. She must have worried that he would be upset if she cancelled their date over him.)

Hyung Chul goes to the grave by himself and then goes to see Sun Mi. But as he’s waiting outside her house he sees everyone helping a drunk Woo Jin out of the car and he realises that Sun Mi told him a fib. She sees Hyung Chul standing there and is mortified. But again, he’s very understanding but a bit disappointed. He says he’ll wait for her but feels she keeps pulling away from him.

All About Eve, 2000, MBC, Hyung Chul gets stood up

Joo Hee and Young Mi’s tiff continues. A writer comes to complain that Joo Hee keeps altering his news script. She is unrepentant so he asks Young Mi for her opinion of his work. She doesn’t have a problem with it! Joo Hee glares at her for not siding with her and walks away annoyed at Young Mi. She walks past a room where Sun Mi is practising reading the news and goes in to help her. She must be feeling bad about the way she has treated her. Then Young Mi walks past and sees them together and pulls a face. Later in a meeting Young Mi tries to impress Hyung Chul by working so well. She suggests he buy her dinner as a thank you! He looks surprised at first but then agrees. Why does he do this?

In a street tent Woo Jin overhears some young men chatting about Young Mi who’s reading the news on the TV. Woo Jin doesn’t like what they say about her and gets into a fight. They beat him up. Meanwhile, Hyung Chul takes Young Mi for dinner. She flirts and suggests that she wants him to dance with her. Blimey. He declines and she dances seductively by herself while he watches her. He seems confused by her.


All About Eve, 2000, MBC, Young Mi tries to seduce Hyung Chul again

At work Joo Hee asks Sun Mi if she went with Hyung Chul to his mother’s grave. Oh no, now she realises where he wanted to take her and she feels bad. She rushes off to see him. But he is still out. He takes Young Mi home in the car and she tries to snuggle up to him! He pushes her back to her seat. She really is pushy. But why does he keep going out with her when he knows what she is trying to do? Sun Mi goes to wait for Hyung Chul at his house but while she waits she gets a call from Mrs. Song saying Woo Jin is at the police station after getting into a fight. She waits a bit longer for Hyung Chul but then rushes off to the police station before he gets home. Oh she could have waited to see him!  In contrast, Young Mi also gets a message on her answer machine about Woo Jin but she coolly deletes the message.













4 thoughts on “All About Eve Episode 15

  • November 1, 2011 at 4:49 pm

    Young Mi’s dance was cringe-worthy hahaha! I was like, what the hell is she doing? LOL

    • November 3, 2011 at 7:06 am

      Yes, it was hard to watch! In fact, I actually had to look away…
      I know what she was trying to do. But what was Hyung Chul thinking??

      • November 4, 2011 at 4:15 pm

        It wasn’t sexy at all! She looked like a drug addict there hahaha!

        Hyung chul prolly think that she’s a total nut case, therefore, he must have patience hahaha. :p

  • November 4, 2011 at 4:19 pm

    And yes, it was said in a site that JDG’s considering to be a part of the drama that will be written by the Lovers in Paris writer. :)

    I really hope that Chae Rim and JDG will be reunited once again. Not necessarily in that drama. I wanna see how they look together now that they have more mature physical features, especially now that they both lost weight. 😉


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