Deep Rooted Tree Event at SBS Broadcasting Centre

I saw on the SBS homepage that there’s an event on at the SBS Broadcasting centre this evening for viewers of Deep Rooted Tree. Several of the  actors from the drama will take part in an internet conference with viewers which starts at 9pm and then they’ll watch the show at the centre with an audience of 200 of the drama’s fans.

The actors that will be taking part in the event include Kim Ki Bum (from Super Junior plays Park Peng-nyeon) Chun Jae Ho (plays Lee Sun Ji), Hyun Woo (Sung Sam Moon) and Seo Joon Young (Prince Gwangpeong). They play handsome young scholars who are working in the jiphyeonjyeon, King Sejong’s secret organisation, where they create hangul. Also taking part in the event are the court ladies played by Shin So Yool, Shim So Hun and Lee Sae Na. According to the article, there are particularly high expectations from the fans of Kim Ki Bum  who has chosen Deep Rooted Tree to make his come-back – this is his first drama since 2008.

Viewers can apply to take part in this event on the SBS homepage But even the viewers who can’t make it to the centre this time can still go through Twitter and SBS Gorilla (I think this is an internet radio channel) to contact the actors during the event.  So while viewers are watching the drama this evening they can ask the actors questions directly in real time!


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