All about Eve episode 14

 Well Young Mi really gets beaten about in this episode! She gets attacked by Mrs. Song and even slapped across the face by the sweet Sun Mi. I don’t condone violence, but when Young Mi finally tells Mrs. Song that she was only using Woo Jin to get back at Mrs. Song and Sun Mi, I can see why Mrs. Song would lose her cool. She’s devastated to see her son in such a state over a woman she knew from the start was no good for him. So Woo Jin has two women in his life that support him, but blimey, he is SO WEAK. Young Mi has treated him terribly but really, come on Woo Jin, everyone gets heartbroken sometime. I’m obviously not in a very sympathetic mood this morning!

Hyung Chul gives Young Mi a lift home after their dinner together and she explains that she and Woo Jin have broken up. But she suggests they broke up because of Sun Mi and Woo Jin spending so much time together! She’s trying to look like the victim but Hyung Chul doesn’t take the bait. Even when she puts on her soft flirty voice and tells him that she is the one who is hurt, Hyung Chul just repeats again what he tries to tell her several times – you can’t force someone to love you. But Young Mi seems to think that she can make anything happen. Sun Mi is upset when Woo Jin tells her about the break up and as soon as they get back to Seoul she goes to see Hyung Chul for help.

 All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Sun Mi hears Young Mi and Woo Jin have broken up

He agrees to do something and decides to send Woo Jin and Young Mi together to England on a business trip to see if they can work out their problems. Sun Dal doesn’t understand this and is not pleased about a main presenter going on an unnecessary business trip abroad. But Hyung Chul is adamant – from a business perspective it is a strange move so he is definitely acting from his heart not his head at this point. This is cute since usually he is a rational man.

Young Mi is annoyed when she hears the news. She knows Sun Mi must be behind Hyung Chul’s decision so she storms up to Sun Mi and, with a face like thunder, throws a cup of water in her face! This has never happened to me, but if it did, I would be absolutely fuming. And a cat fight would no doubt ensue. However, Sun Mi doesn’t even get annoyed. She simply takes Young Mi’s hand and begs her not to break up with Woo Jin. But Young Mi has no intention of getting back with Woo Jin and she storms off telling Sun Mi that she, Sun Mi, can have him now. Charming. Then Young finds Hyung Chul to try to get him to change his mind and explain that sending her to the UK with Woo Jin is futile. But he won’t change the plans.

 All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Young Mi is annoyed with Sun Mi for interfering.

Next we find Young Mi in the UK standing outside the houses of parliament making a report. Woo Jin is behind the camera and he watches her carefully. But after the work is done, she walks away ignoring him. And after the staff finish for the day and go back to hotel, Young Mi declines to go out and quickly excuses herself. Later Woo Jin goes to her hotel room but there’s no answer. (This really is too much now, Woo Jin.) Young Mi is out looking out at the River Thames and Tower Bridge. She’s wearing sunglasses (even though it’s evening) and smoking – so she must be a bad girl! Nice girls don’t smoke. Or wear sunglasses, especially at night (!) BTW This scene at Tower Bridge must have been filmed at the same time as the Tower Bridge scene earlier in the drama as the 2 extras sitting nearby kissing are the same!

Young Mi walks around smiling to herself as though planning her next move. But when she gets back to the hotel Woo Jin is waiting for her outside her room. She tells him AGAIN that she does not want to be with him anymore but he won’t give up. She starts to undress suggesting he can do what he likes to her but she insists that NOBODY will stop her getting what she wants. Woo Jin is upset by her behaviour and leaves. Young Mi was smirking at him before, but after he leaves her face falls and she looks upset too.

 All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Young Mi and Woo Jin go to London

Hyung Chul and Sun Mi continue their (sort of) secret relationship. They exchange a few words at the lift when they happen to arrive for work at the same time but get some looks from other members of staff. Then they meet on the roof for coffee. Hyung Chul suggests he’s looking forward to the day they can be open about their relationship.

Meanwhile, Woo Jin finds Young Mi in a church with a veil on her head as though she’s praying. He tells her that she can’t trap God because God is not a man. But she cruelly tells him that she is praying that Woo Jin will disappear because she is sick of seeing him. He is visibly distressed and shaken by what she says and sadly walks away.

The next day everyone discovers that Woo Jin has actually disappeared and the others have to return to Korea without him. Back in Seoul Young Mi tells everyone that she is worried about Woo Jin too but is she just faking it? She kind of says “I told you so” to Hyung Chul repeating that there was no use trying to get them back together – I don’t think these are the words of someone who is worried about him. In London when she first heard that he had disappeared, she seemed shocked but now she almost seems pleased that he is gone.

After work, as Young Mi is walking towards her car, Sun Mi calls out her name. Sun Mi walks up to her and without a word slaps her across the face for leaving Woo Jin. But Young Mi in unrepentant. Sun Mi tries to slap her again but this time Young Mi grabs her arm to stop her – I’ll only let you slap me once, she says.

 All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Sun Mi slaps Young Mi across the face

After Young Mi drives away Sun Mi gets a desperate call from Woo Jin’s mum to say that Woo Jin has returned but has packed his bags and gone out again. Sun Mi goes to her house and tries to calm her down but Mrs. Song is livid and In tears she rushes off to Young Mi’s place. Sun MI tries to stop her but it’s no use, Mrs. Song barges into Young Mi’s room and attacks her –  grabbing her by the hair and dragging her around the room berating her for treating her son so badly. It’s pretty violent! Sun Mi looks on helplessly. Mrs. Song cries out in frustration. She’s angry that although she never wanted to accept Young Mi, she had to because there was no choice. She demands to know where Woo Jin is. Young Mi brazenly says she doesn’t know. This annoys Mrs. Song even more and Young Mi’s attitude makes things worse and Mrs. Song starts slapping her in the face.

Finally, Young Mi glares at Mrs. Song and says that she DOESN’T WANT to find Woo Jin and that she NEVER LOVED him. Oh boy. Mrs. Song staggers back in shock and then Sun Mi’s dad arrives scolding Mrs. Song for treating Young Mi badly!!! Young Mi batters her eyelashes helplessly at him. (Men can be so gullible sometimes) And this sends Mrs. Song over the edge. She goes crazy shouting at Sun Mi’s dad for bringing Young Mi into their lives in the first place. Finally Sun Mi has to drag her away. After they leave Young Mi collapses in tears. Maybe she realises she has taken things too far this time.

 All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Mrs. Song is worried about Woo Jin and attacks Young Mi

Woo Jin is on his own in the countryside drinking. In the morning, Eve’s Morning show is on the TV. The adjumma who runs the place wants to change the channel because she thinks the show isn’t very interesting. Woo Jin gazes at the screen and Young Mi trying to persuade the adjumma to watch the show since everyone on the show works really hard. But the adjumma just changes the channel anyway.

At MBS the news team meets to discuss the rating and strategy for Eve’s Morning show. The team wonders why Hyung Chul is not at the meeting. They think it must be because the rating are not good so his pride is hurt. We see him walking in a park and a clip of his earlier conversation with his rival, Director Kim. Hyung Chul has had to ask for another month to turn things around. But if ratings don’t improve Director Kim says he will have to resign.

But then  Hyung Chul sees a lineup of parents with their children. They are waiting to use what looks like a Purikura Japanese sticker booth (but I could be wrong). This gives him an idea and when he gets back to the company he suggests that they do some shows on housewives and their success stories. Everyone thinks this is a good idea and Young Mi also suggests they could do something on missing children too. Hyung Chul smiles at her and then looks to Sun Mi for her ideas. But she is distracted and removed from the conversation. She’s obviously thinking about something else, or rather someone else – Woo Jin. Hyung Chul must realise this but asks her if she has any ideas. But Sun Mi has not been listening to the conversation. (I must admit this is unprofessional) Then her phone rings and she excuses herself as it’s a call from ‘Oppa’ – Woo Jin,  who asks her to pass on a message to his mum.Hyung Chul watches her leave the room to take the call without a word.

Later Hyung Chul sees Sun Mi in the corridor and she apologises about the meeting but he just pats her arm and walks away. He must be feeling a bit neglected – Sun Mi is understandably concerned about Woo Jin but she doesn’t seem able to help or support Hyung Chul at all. But Hyung Chul doesn’t show his emotions even though he is worried that he could lose his job. 

  All About Eve, MBC, 2000, while Hyung Chul worries about the company, Sun Mi is focused on Woo Jin

Woo Jin’s mum has taken to her bed and Sun Mi’s dad brings her some food. Then we see Woo Jin still in the countryside. He rips up a photo of him and Young Mi and throws it into the water. Has he finally got the message?

Young Mi is still at work with her colleagues – it’s late. Hyung Chul comes in and sees them and suggests they all go out. They end up going to a street tent. Young Mi tells Hyung Chul about her past – her mother walked out on them when she was young and her father was a drunk. She’s flirting again – she says she feels a connection with Hyung Chul even though their backgrounds are so different. He looks uncomfortable and then gets a call from Sun Mi to say that Woo Jin is back. He tells Young Mi, but she is not interested. She tells him clearly that all she is interested in is Hyung Chul and the success of Eve’s Morning show! Wow she is so direct! There’s an awkward moment but then the other colleagues arrive and (thankfully) they are not alone anymore. She’s still making eyes at him across the table though…

The next day Woo Jin arrives for work. He’s reprimanded by his boss but seems to be forgiven. He’s carrying his (huge) camera with him when he bumps into Young Mi. But this time he ignores her and walks past. She stops to look back as he walks away and there seems to be some sadness in her eyes. Woo Jin spends his evenings drinking soju too. But he’s alone.

 All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Young Mi pursues Hyung Chul while Woo Jin drinks alone

Eve’s Morning Show seems to be getting better ratings now that they are doing pieces on housewives. We see a staff member racing to the set with a video tape, yes a video tape. Oh it’s all so cute. Sun Mi and her colleague are eating at a sikdang, restaurant, where the adjumma working there agrees that the show is interesting now. Everyone is in a much better mood at the next staff meeting now that the show is doing better. So a staff event is planned.

They all go away for the night to celebrate and end up (of course) in a karaoke box. They make Hyung Chul sing – everyone looks surprised that he can sing. (Well Jang Dong Geon does have at least one album out, doesn’t he?) The camera passes around the room as he sings. Sun Mi and Young Mi sit back to back and while Sun Mi smiles sweetly as she watches him sing, Young Mi is thoughtful – probably thinking what her next move should be. Her plan so far is not working as Hyung Chul is showing no interest in her at all.

All about Eve, MBC, 2000, Young Mi sits thoughtfully watching Hyung Chul

When they get back to the hotel, Hyung Chul calls Sun Mi for a chat. He has nothing to talk about but just wants to call her since he’s had a few drinks. Ahhh. After they say good night, Sun Mi decides to take him some headache tablets since he drank quite a bit. But as she walks towards his room, she sees that Young Mi has turned up at Hyung Chul’s room! This doesn’t look good and she walks away in shock. Sun Mi doesn’t know that Hyung Chul tried to turn Young Mi away but she was adamant that she had to speak to him there and then as she has something important to say.

I feel sorry for Hyung Chul now. He doesn’t seem to get any support from Sun Mi. From the start he has been like her big brother and a shoulder to cry on when she’s upset about Woo Jin. But its really time for her to grow up. And if they are in a relationship why doesn’t she say something when she sees Young Mi going into Hyung Chul’s room so late at night. It’s completely inappropriate. 









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  • October 16, 2011 at 1:11 am

    Thank you for continuing the recap. I love, love, love this drama. Especially this pairing – JDG-CR! FTW! =D

    And yes, the London scenes were filmed all at once. I meant, the cast only went there once for the shoot. The style of Young Mi’s hair was funny, it was different from the one she’s sporting in Seoul and the one in London. :p

  • October 16, 2011 at 1:09 pm

    You’re so right about the hair! I didn’t notice that before..

  • October 19, 2011 at 1:59 am

    Have you watched the Making vids of this drama?

    Remember the scene where Hyung-chul took out Sun-Mi into an elegant restaurant as a send-off dinner? I remember that the blonde girl in the scene was actually just wearing a blonde wig. LOL

    • October 27, 2011 at 9:45 am

      Yes, I remember the wig! And the restaurant ‘felt’ Korean, if that makes sense.
      I bet the scenes inside Hyung Chul’s UK flat were filmed in Korea too.
      In episode 1 doesn’t the voice “you have two messages” on Hyung Chul’s answer machine have a Korean accent?
      It all adds to the charm of the drama though!

      • October 28, 2011 at 2:03 am

        Yep! Most probably those scenes indoors in England were actually filmed in Korea as the time spent were limited.

        Aside from the recap, will you be putting the Making of this drama? I think there was an interview of KSY (can’t remember if it was in the Making vids) where she said that there was a scene that the director wasn’t satisfied with what she was doing (her acting in a particular scene) and they retake the scenes several times until the director said that they should just pack up and KSY didn’t sleep all night just to study that scene again for the retake.

        And CR actually said, when asked if she’s close with JDG, that they didn’t have time to get close while filming the drama because in between shoots, they were studying their scripts. They only filmed this drama for 72 days!

        • November 1, 2011 at 7:19 am

          72 days doesn’t sound very long! I don’t think the drama feels rushed though (except for the Tower Bridge scene in London when they used the same extras!)
          It’s a pity JDG stopped making romantic dramas after this one. But I ‘m sure I remember him saying that the kiss scene at the end was a bit uncomfortable – they had to stand in the middle of the road with cars passing all the time. And in fairness, it’s not the most passionate scene ever, but then it’s not that sort of drama really, is it? It’s very innocent.
          I don’t think JDG has done any romantic films either. The ones I’ve seen have been more action and crime – Friend, 2009 Lost Memories..

          That’s a good idea about doing the making vids too. Actually I haven’t watched them in ages, so this is a good time to watch them again…

          • November 1, 2011 at 4:38 pm

            Oh yea! I’ll look forward for yur Making vids feature. 😀

            They shot the scene for 3 hours! CR just wanted it to be done with. Thing is, people thought that they’re just lovers doing PDA so the cars were either honking or the drivers cursing them since the cameras were far from where they were.

            It was said that JDG will be back in doing dramas prolly this year with the Lovers in Paris writer. Dunno if it will push through tho.

          • November 3, 2011 at 7:08 am

            JDG back doing dramas? I really hope so.

  • July 13, 2012 at 12:02 pm

    LOL. If we didn’t think she was bad already, there she is smoking in sunglasses at night. Our doubts as to her character have been erased.

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