What Happened in Bali drama location, September 2011

 Saturday morning I  went for a walk up the mountain near my house again. As I’ve mentioned before, it’s usually people with very low incomes that live in houses built up on the mountains in Seoul. But now that there’s a new apartment complex being built near here, some of the mountain houses have been knocked down and the residents have had to find somewhere else to go. There’s still rubble and the remains of people’s belongings lying around on the mountainside. It’s pretty grim. Then today I saw this sunflower. It looks like it’s gazing out across the city towards a more affluent part of town, dreaming of a better life.We also went past the film location for the drama What Happened in Bali (below) to see how the area around there has changed with the building going on all around it. There are huge cranes everywhere and some of the apartment buildings are almost completed nearby. I wonder if these little houses will survive?


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