New SBS sageuk drama starts this month


Han Seok-kyu as King Sejong in the upcoming SBS sageuk drama Deep-rooted Tree. photo source: newsen

I’ve been waiting for another sageuk drama to grab my interest and there’s a new SBS drama starting this month on September 28.  The working title is ‘Old Tree’ or “Deep-Rooted Tree’ and it sounds interesting from a historical point of view as it’s about King Sejong and the creation of Hangul. It also has murder and mystery so I’m sure it will gripping and intense as  typical sageuk dramas always are, but it’s not too long – just 24 episodes apparently instead of 50+.

The story is about King Sejong played by Han Seok-kyu and also stars Shin Se-kyung and Jang Hyuk (Chuno).There’s an article in the Korea Herald about Jang Hyuk and his return to sageuk drama. And more information about the drama in general at dramabeans.

But reading about this drama is making me think about all the sageuk dramas that I still haven’t got around to watching. I watched a few clips of Chuno when it was on TV and put that on my to watch list. But I still haven’t watched it. Deep-Rooted Tree is by the  director of Painter in the Wind and I STILL haven’t watched that either although I vowed to watch it after Dong Yi. That reminds me, I really want to see Hwang Jin Yi about the life of a famous gisaeng starring one of my favourite actresses Ha Ji-won. Actually, the more I think about it the longer the list becomes. My head is spinning right now.

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