Chuseok TV

This morning I watched some of 도전1000곡 (to-cheon 1000 kok)  which is a kind of karaoke singing competition for ‘talent’ on SBS. Actors and entertainers take turns to choose a number which is then put into the karaoke machine. After that, the celebrities have to sing whichever song starts playing. (You need to know a lot of songs to be good at this!)

The aim of the game is to to sing the song with the correct lyrics (and tune) and at the end a winner will be chosen.This show is usually on every Sunday morning but today was part of an extended Chuseok special.  Amongst the contestants I noticed Sa Ran’s dad (played by Kim Joo Young 김주영) and her naughty step-mum ( Lee Sook이숙) from New Tales of Gisaeng. (Lee Sook sings at 9:27 but she gets a red flashing warning light in the middle to show she’s made a mistake! Then they sing together at 13:20) They are both through to the final which is on tomorrow…


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