Chuseok: SBS news readers wear hanbok

Traditionally, people wear hanbok during Chuseok and even the SBS news readers were wearing their traditional dress on the 8PM news last night. It’s more common to see women in hanbok than men, and this news reader said that this is the first time he has worn a hanbok in 17 years! I didn’t see anyone wearing hanbok on the other TV channels though.

SBS news 8PM September 12th 2011

It’s the final day of the Chuseok holiday today, so everything goes back to normal tomorrow. There’ll be traffic jams coming back to Seoul as everyone returns from their trips around the country to visit family. ┬áLots of the local shops have been closed for the holidays. Our local family-run bakery was closed for the first time in ages – they are usually open 7 days a week. But our local corner shop was open and they said they weren’t going away this year. For people who don’t have family (or don’t want to see their family) Chuseok can be a lonely time. According to the news, hotels in Seoul are full of single guests during the Chuseok holiday – people who don’t want to stay at home by themselves so check in to a hotel instead. I suppose it’s similar to Christmas or New Year for me. I like spending time alone but definitely not on Christmas Day or New Years Eve!


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