Which male celebrity would help out most in the kitchen during Chuseok?

I know Chuseok is over but I keep hearing horror stories about the terrible times that families (or rather daughter-in-laws) have during the holidays. The Chuseok holiday in particular is notorious for causing problems in marriages. This is because, generally speaking, wives spend the whole time busy cooking and washing up while their husbands laze around and drink! And with the added stress of spending time with in-laws and extended families, this causes serious arguments: I heard that the post-chuseok period is a danger period for couples as they try to get over their stressful holidays. And some marriages can’t survive and end in divorce!


Male celebrities are often seen as perfect specimens of masculinity so I was interested to read the results of a survey carried out before Chusok by the company CJLION. 340 housewives were asked which male celebrity they thought would be most likely to help with the washing up over Chuseok. Doesn’t this just show how much the real-life lack of male participation in the kitchen is a problem? It’s such a problem that we have to turn to celebrities so that we can at least dream that there are men out there with domestic skills!!!


But this list is only what the homemakers imagine about the celebrities. We don’t actually know if they help out at home or not. (I say probably not! since these actors and entertainers all have well-crafted wholesome images and taking part in an advert for a home appliance seems to help their cause!) But we have no idea what they are really like, do we? I’d like to see the list of the men who really do help out at home!

The top 6 male celebrities voted most likely to help out in the kitchen were as follows:

1st presenter Yoon Choi-Sok 40.8%. (above) He has a gentle and kind image and apparently always does well on this kind of survey!

2nd actor and singer Lee Seung Ki 23.8% I think it helps that he smiles a lot. He has a friendly image and appears in adverts for home appliances including the kimchi fridge. (Maybe this helps him appear more domesticated?)

3rd comedian Lee Soo Gun 20.5%

4th actor Park Shi Hoo 5.7% 

5th actor Jo In Sung 5.1% from one of my favorite dramas What Happened in Bali. He has recently finished his national service and is now appearing in lots of adverts –  restaurants, beer, etc. etc.

6th singer/dancer Lee Gi Gwang 4.2% appears in an advert for washing machines. (Did his home appliance choice help him appear domesticated too?) 

image source: Yonhap News 연합뉴스 : 바른언론 빠른뉴스.



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