All About Eve Episode 13

This episode is all about Woo Jin as he struggles to come to terms with his break up with Young Mi. He discovers more about her and the way she operates and it’s not pretty! So reality finally hits him. Poor Woo Jin. I’m feeling bad for him but I just wish he’d got out sooner before it was too late. How could he be so naive? Meanwhile, Young Mi is doing everything in her power to win over Hyung Chul by working hard for the company and flirting with him at the same time. And although this is annoying to watch (!), at least we can be sure that he’s never going to be interested in her.  

Woo Jin is upset after seeing Young Mi flirt with Hyung Chul (again). She explains that she changed the lock on her door because they have broken up! She’s acting cool with him insinuating that she has already moved on and wants Hyung Chul now not him. Woo Jin is upset but when she adds that she has never loved him, he loses control and in anger and frustration slaps her across the face. She seems almost relieved that he hit her – at least now she has a good reason to tell him to leave. She is cold to him but after he leaves she collapses on the floor and cries. She packs away all his things, crying while she does it. So she really does have feelings for him. But her jealousy of Sun Mi is stronger than her feelings for him. How self destructive she is. Woo Jin deals with the situation in the typical guy way – drinking lots of soju.

  All about Eve MBC 2000: Young Mi and Woo Jin finally break up

At MBS, during the filming of Eve’s Morning show, Hyung Chul stops by to watch. Young Mi sees him and looks on jealously as he gazes at Sun Mi who doesn’t notice him. Meanwhile, Jin Soo puts his foot in it AGAIN by telling everyone that they shouldn’t spread rumours about Young Mi and Hyung Chul going together to the baseball game. But NOBODY KNEW that Young Mi went to the baseball game with Hyung Chul. But now they know because he told them all! Poor Jin Soo doesn’t want to spread rumours but he ends up doing it anyway by mistake! Joo Hee looks particularly shocked and upset to hear this piece of gossip. Now she’s going to see another side of Young Mi too.

Things get even worse later when Jin Soo meets Cho Jeh who adds more to the juicy gossip – Young Mi was holding Hyung Chul’s arm. But then she looks up and to her horror sees lots of people  standing around listening in to their conversation! It’s funny that these two are on Sun Mi’s side but always keep saying the wrong thing! 

 All About Eve, MBC, 2000: Jin Soo and Cho Jeh spread rumours again

In a meeting about Eve’s Morning show, Sun Mi and other presenters are told what they need to improve. But Young Mi seems to be perfect as the main presenter and will even be the model for the show’s publicity. Sun Mi looks at her with mild envy but she is far too nice to  begrudge her any of her success.

After work Sun Mi goes on a date with Hyung Chul. He picks her up where nobody can see them and they go for dinner. He seems down, as ratings aren’t as great as he had hoped. And he reminisces about the UK and suggests they run away to London together and lead a carefree life. She tries to cheer him up but she doesn’t really know all that’s going on at work for him.

Meanwhile, the contrast between Sun Mi and Hyung Chul’s relationship and Woo Jin and Young Mi’s relationship is all too clear – Woo Jin is outside Young Mi’s flat waiting for her. (Oh COME ON Woo Jin! ENOUGH already) When she gets home she doesn’t look pleased to see him. She realises that he still feels bad about getting her pregnant and so she finally admits that it was all a lie – she was never pregnant in the first place. But he STILL doesn’t believe that she could lie about something like that. Oh yes, she could. He really doesn’t want to believe that she is capable of these things.

Hyung Chul takes Sun Mi home and they arrange to meet again at the weekend as it’s her birthday. While they are outside her house, her dad pulls up. Sun Mi is taken by surprise and tells Hyung Chul to hurry up and leave quickly before her dad sees him. But Hyung Chul grabs her arm and marches over to introduce himself to her dad. Sun Mi is embarrassment and her dad notices that Hyung Chul is clasping her hand although she tries to pull it away. It’s a big deal to be introduced to the parents so Hyung Chul is showing again and again that he is serious about her.

All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Hyung Chul meets Sun Mi’s dad

Hyung Chul listens to Sun Mi’s radio show. She’s very concerned about one of her listeners who has no money to pay his medical bills. So she keeps asking for financial help from the listeners to her show. Then suddenly a mystery donor gives money to pay all the hospital fees. I wonder who that could be?

At work, Kyung Hui notices that her colleague Ki Jong is in a strange mood. He tells her a story about a girl he liked at primary school. He was too shy to say anything to her so he carved “you’re mine” onto her desk instead. Then he admits what he is upset about – after ten years he has been removed from his job as a sports presenter. After he goes out of the room, Kyung Hui looks under her desk and sure enough, Ki Jong has carved “you’re mine” on her desk!


All About Eve, MBC, 2000: Kyung Hui and Ki Jong

Sun Mi and Hyung Chul go for a romantic dinner. He gives her an ankle bracelet with both of their birthstones on it and a long explanation about their birthstones and the meaning behind his gift – OK at this point I really think Hyung Chul is too good to be true!  Hyung Chul says he wants to spend all her birthdays together – he’s always saying things like this, telling her in a round about way that he wants to marry her. They have a romantic but innocent evening and when he takes her home, he kisses her on the forehead. This is a bit too ‘father and daughter’ for me though. I could do with a proper kiss about now. 


All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Sun Mi’s birthday

Meanwhile, there’s more comedy as Jin Soo and Cho Jeh go on a date together to the fairground. Cho Jeh is still trying to act coy and hard to get. She acts upset when he kisses her in public but then wants him to kiss her more!

 All About Eve, MBC, 2000: Jin Soo and Cho Jeh on a date

Mrs. Song is worried about Woo Jin and she asks Young Mi to come to the convenience store for a chat. She suggests they go and look at apartments to find somewhere for them to live after she marries Woo Jin. But of course Young Mi isn’t keen. Mrs. Song has no idea what’s going on although she has noticed that Woo Jin is drinking every night. Mrs. Song still thinks they are going to get married and gives Young Mi her own engagement ring and apologises for the way she has treated her, not even giving them an engagement party yet. Mrs. Song is really trying her best to get along with Young Mi and still doesn’t know the truth about her fake pregnancy.

 All About Eve, MBC, 2000: Mrs. Song and Young Mi

Young Mi is determined that Woo Jin will believe that she was never pregnant, so she takes him to the hospital where she gets treatment for period cramps. She makes him go and speak to the doctor who confirms that she never had an abortion. Woo Jin is crushed. She explains that she lied about this so that his mum would treat her better. And she explains again that all she wants to do is to take away everything that Sun Mi has. Before that meant Woo Jin. But now that means Hyung Chul. Will Woo Jin finally give up now? 

All About Eve, MBC, 2000: Woo Jin finally discovers the truth about the fake pregnancy

Woo Jin and Sun Mi go away on a business trip to report on a festival. But Sun Mi realises that Woo Jin is acting strange and she’s worried about him. Meanwhile, back in Seoul, Sun Dal invites Young Mi to go out with him and Hyung Chul for a drink. I don’t know why he invited her, but while they are out he suddenly gets a phone call and has to go back to work leaving Young MI and Hyung Chul alone. Convenient. SO now, on the same evening, Young Mi is having dinner with Hyung Chul, Wo Jin and Sun Mi are staying at a hotel. Woo Jin goes to Sun Mi’s room to talk to her. Sun Mi has just had a shower and casually answers the door with a towel around her head! We often see her like this – with her hair washed and getting ready for bed. I suppose it adds to her innocent and childlike image. And it’s OK for Woo Jin to see her like this because they are like brother and sister anyway and they are often in each other’s bedrooms. But Hyung Chul has never seen her like this or been in her room and she has never been alone at his house either.

Hyung Chul seems uncomfortable having dinner alone with Young Mi and suggests that she ring Woo Jin and Sun Mi to see how they are getting along, since she is the main presenter on the show after all. This is cute because he probably wants to hear how they are getting on, too. She doesn’t want to call and tries to tell him that they have broken up. But in the end she has no choice and calls Sun Mi’s hotel room. But Sun Mi is in the shower so Woo Jin answers the phone surprising Young Mi. Hyung Chul looks a little put out when he hears that Woo Jin is in Sun Mi’s room, too. But he doesn’t react. There’s no need to worry anyway, because Woo Jin has only come to cry on Sun Mi’s shoulder. Upset, he tells her that he and Young Mi have broken up. Young Mi seems annoyed to hear that Woo Jin is in Sun Mi’s room. She really does need to control everyone and can’t stand the thought of him spending time with Sun Mi even though she has finished with him. Woo Jin is heart broken and things are only going to get worse… 

  All About Eve, MBC, 2000: Woo Jin tells Sun Mi that he and Young Mi are over




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  • July 13, 2012 at 11:50 am

    P.S. I just have to say, thanks again for the recaps! I know they take a lot of time to produce…and you’re saving me the time of watching the entire series. I can wrap this thing up in one evening (watching parts of episodes that appeal to me on dramafever). 😉 Heehee. This is how the lazy, seasoned drama lover likes to enjoy drama, methinks. Thanks for helping me catch up on my drama history! I can’t believe this aired while I was in high school… and it looks old in some aspects! Seriously.

  • July 13, 2012 at 11:55 am

    “This is a bit too ‘father and daughter’ for me though. I could do with a proper kiss about now.”

    Totally agreed. Sometimes there is an awkwardness about the age difference in dramas. They try to gloss over it, but instead they just bring more attention to it.

  • June 28, 2013 at 5:31 pm

    “This is a bit too ‘father and daughter’ for me though. I could do with a proper kiss about now.”

    But of course, because they’re not officially bf-gf yet at that time, just sunbae liking hoobae relationship, lol, like I mean, SunMi hasn’t accepted HyungChul “officially” yet.

    Anyway, missing All About Eve, searched on google, and ta-da, ran across this review. :) Thanks a lot for this. I’mma go and read them all. ^_^

  • June 29, 2013 at 2:01 pm

    “This is a bit too ‘father and daughter’ for me though. I could do with a proper kiss about now.”

    I think it’s the location of the kiss that bothers me so much in this scene. He kisses her on the FOREHEAD! I don’t know. That just seems wrong. 😉

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