All About Eve Episode 12

The mobile phone episode

Well, Young Mi really starts playing hardball in this episode. She’s consumed with jealousy as she watches Sun Mi get lots of positive attention after her emotional outburst on the evening news! Young Mi is desperate to get her job back and she comes up with a plan to humiliate Sun Mi and make her look unprofessional again. Her mobile phone trick works but not content with this, she also continues her other plan which is to snatch Hyung Chul away from Sun Mi. But the mobile phone incident also gets Sun Mi and Hyung Chul back on speaking terms – this is one of my favourite scenes of the whole drama.

 Hyung Chul looks uncomfortable with Young Mi in his house – it’s late and she has no business turning up uninvited. Sun Mi hasn’t even been there yet, has she? But he tries to be polite and when Young Mi collapses he has no choice but to try to help her. And of course as he puts his arms around her, she takes the opportunity to flutter her eyelashes at him. THEN she looks at him and tells him that she’s OK – as if to say he shouldn’t be so close and putting his arms around her. He backs off immediately and she gets up by herself. This is an interesting tactic – set up the situation and then make the other person feel like they are in the wrong! It’s like she’s flirting and playing hard to get at the same time? She must be used to men falling for her and she seems confident that her plan will work on Hyung Chul too. But we’ve seen what kind of man Hyung Chul is. And he isn’t going to be interested in Young Mi. He seems confused by her more than anything else. But Young Mi thinks her plan is going to be successful. She is underestimating Hyung Chul and on the way out she gives a smug grin.

Hyung Chul and Young Mi, All About Eve, MBC, 2000 

Sun Mi is in demand and talking to different reporters who have come to interview her about her emotional outburst on the news. Young Mi is annoyed that Sun Mi is now the permanent 7PM news reader and she hates to hear her colleagues talking in awe about all the interviews that Sun Mi has done. Finally, she can’t take it anymore and storms out of the office to find Sun Mi. And when she finds her, she tries to make her feel bad by telling her that her outburst was unprofessional and nothing to be proud of. She can’t believe Sun Mi’s good fortune: she always lands on her feet even when she makes a mistake! But Sun Mi is not prepared to let Young Mi get her down, so Young Mi goes off to cry for sympathy in front of Joo Hee instead. Joo Hee apologises for not being able to remove Sun Mi from the 7PM news. I CAN’T BELIEVE she’s saying this. Joo Hee must be blinded by her jealousy of Sun Mi and can’t see that Young Mi is just using her. Young Mi acts as though she likes and respects Joo Hee but after she leaves she grumbles under her breath about how useless she has been to her!

Young Mi is annoyed at Sun Mi’s good luck, All About Eve, MBC, 2000

Young Mi is feeling miserable but then suddenly she looks at her mobile phone and gets an idea. She grins naughtily as she remembers that she has got Sun Mi’s mobile number on her phone and Sun Mi is about to go live on air. So just before the news readers arrive she gets hold of Sun Mi’s phone and throws it under her news desk. Sun Mi arrives but notices Young Mi disappearing round the corner. As the news begins Young Mi is eating in the canteen with Joo Hee, but she manages to excuse herself for a moment and secretly calls Sun Mi’s phone (which is now under the desk). So, live on air, the phone starts ringing and both Sun Dal and Sun Mi as well as the production team begin to panic. Oh this is hard to watch. 

As soon as she can, Sun Mi scrambles under the desk to grab the phone. But the damage has been done. Joo Hee watches the TV in the canteen and can’t believe Sun Mi could make such a basic mistake like this. Then Young Mi joins her to find out what’s going on. Like she didn’t know….

 The mobile phone incident, All About Eve, MBC, 2000

Mr. Kim is not amused either and demands that the anchor be changed. And back at the office Joo Hee is making a big deal out of the phone issue and gets into a heated argument with her sonbae and rival Kyung Hui. Meanwhile Sun Mi is sure that she didn’t take her phone with her to the studio but it’s a catch 22 situation because if someone else planted the phone then that would cause a scandal so she can’t make a fuss about this. Sun Dal has to tell her that Young Mi is taking over her role. Isn’t this all a bit of an over-reaction though? Would someone really get removed from their job just because their phone rang once? Even if it was live on air. 

Sun Mi tries to find a witness who saw her leave her phone in the dressing rooms but she can’t find anyone. She’s sure Young Mi planted her phone especially since she saw her at the studio earlier. But of course she has no proof and Young Mi also has an alibi – she was eating with Joo Hee at the time of the crime. Young Mi enjoys watching Sun Mi suffer. And Sun Mi is nearly in tears of rage and frustration as Young Mi simply smiles and says she has to go and get ready to read the news. As she walks away she rings Sun Mi on her phone just to rub it in even more! She is very naughty, indeed. 

 Young Mi is happy to watch Sun Mi suffer, All About Eve, MBC, 2000

Upset about what happened, Sun Mi calls Hyung Chul in tears and leaves a message on his answer machine. When he comes home and hears the message he rushes out to find her. As he drives to the broadcasting station he hears what happened from Sun Dal. And now for my favourite Hyung Chul moment: He rushes into the doorway full of concern. His top button is undone – he only had time to take his tie off when he got home but didn’t have time to change out of his work suit – and he stands there breathless with a bead of sweat on his brow. Love it. They just look at each other (seems she forgot again that she’s not speaking to him) And then he hugs her. But she apologises for calling him – because he’s her boss now and not just the old sonbae she knew who used to comfort her. He drives her home and she’s embarrassed when she falls asleep in his car. Ahh. They are back on speaking terms.

 Hyung Chul to the rescue, All About Eve, MBC, 2000 

As part of his plan to improve ratings, Hyung Chul introduces a new morning show called Eve’s Morning. It’s a new kind of programme with current affairs, economics, entertainment, and sport. Sun Dal, Young Mi, Jin Soo, Ki-Jong, and Kyung Hui are all presenting on the show. And even Woo Jin is on the show too with Sun Mi! But of course Mr. Kim hopes that the programme will fail.

After the show airs everyone has a drink with Hyung Chul. Young Mi manages to sit next to him and takes every opportunity to get his attention. Sun Mi and Woo Jin watch uneasily as Young Mi seductively lights his cigarette and smiles coyly at him. Hyung Chul notices her behaviour too but doesn’t react to it. The party ends and Hyung Chul gives Sun Mi a video tape that he made for her.

 Young Mi flirts with Hyung Chul, All About Eve, MBC, 2000

The next morning Hyung Chul wakes up to a ringing mobile phone. He stumbles around the house trying to find where the ringing is coming from. He finds a phone down the sofa: Young Mi ‘forgot’ her phone at his house the night before. Next thing we know she arrives to collect her phone and invite herself to go with him to watch a baseball match. Jin Soo and his sonbae Ki Jong are there to do the sports commenting. But they are shocked to see Hyung Chul arrive with Young Mi! Then Cho Jeh arrives for a date with Jin Soo and she’s shocked too. I suppose Hyung Chul doesn’t really know how to deal with Young Mi as she is so pushy. He could have said no when she asked to go to the baseball game but maybe he was too polite or saw no harm in taking her. After all, she’s not just an employee but also so closely connected to Sun Mi. But to everyone else this looks like a date. 

   Young Mi invites herself on a date with Hyung Chul, All About Eve, MBC, 2000

While Young Mi is trying to work her magic on Hyung Chul, Woo Jin arrives at Young Mi’s place only to find that she has changed the locks and he can’t get in. So he calls her but there’s no answer. Woo Jin, Woo Jin, this really has to stop. It’s getting embarrassing now.  Young Mi is now at a tent restaurant with Hyung Chul trying to act like ‘a lady’ by pretending to struggle drinking one glass of soju… Come on Young Mi, you could drink the whole bottle in one shot, no problem! Not that there’s anything wrong with that (!) But this just shows how she is not being herself with him. She’s trying to create an image of the woman she thinks he would like. 

At home, Sun Mi plays the tape that Hyung Chul made for her. It’s made up of clips of her journey so far at the company. And she’s touched by the gift. This reminds me of the old cassette tapes that boys used to make for girls back in the 80’s and early 90’s made up of a mixture of favourite songs. I’ve still got one somewhere that I was given back in 1990.  Hyung Chul’s gift is thoughtful and sincere. And the innocent Sun Mi sitting at home ready for bed watching the video contrasts dramatically with Young Mi trying to act naive and innocent in front of Hyung Chul. 

Meanwhile, Woo Jin is still waiting for Young Mi to come home and sees her arrive home with Hyung Chul. He overhears her telling him that she likes him. Hyung Chul drives away without a word but then she turns around and sees Woo Jin standing there looking at her. But will he dump her now? Probably not.

Woo Jin catches Young Mi out with Hyung Chul, All About Eve, MBC, 2000 

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    I love your posts so much! Hahaha! I’ve watched the series a couple of times (and I am so in love with it) so it’s really nice to see what people think of the series from their point of views. I agree a lot with you and the way that you wrote the reviews in a funny way is just so good :p

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