All About Eve Episode 11

The coolness between Sun Mi and Hyung Chul continues and there are some awkward moments at the company when they see each other – now we get to see the negative side of having a relationship at work! Sun Mi embarrasses Hyung Chul in front of everyone with a sarcastic remark but he manages to keep his cool. Meanwhile, Woo Jin is humiliated when Young Mi flirts with Hyung Chul in front of everyone. Woo Jin really is annoying me more and more. He lets Young Mi walk all over him.Oh Woo Jin, just let her go…

Young Mi’s jealousy of Sun Mi intensifies when Sun Mi takes her place on the 7 PM news. So she has to come up with a new plan to deal with this. 

Hyung Chul arrives at work and has a meeting about the programme ratings. Things are going well and the new freelancers are doing a great job. His new policies have had a positive effect on the company’s stock prices too. Pleased, he goes to Sun Mi’s office to encourage everyone and to share the good news. But Sun Mi is still annoyed with the way he’s running things and she makes a snide remark in front of everyone. She is being loyal to her colleagues who are worried about their jobs but by acting like this she is also showing that she has a personal relationship with Hyung Chul. And making sarcastic remarks is not professional. I always have to look away at this point. Hyung Chul is embarrassed by her comment but doesn’t say anything. But later he drags her away to tell her to stop embarrassing him in public. Sun Mi is unrepentant and won’t back down. She feels that he is not being fair. He thinks she is too idealistic.

 Hyung Chul and Sun Mi have problems at work, All About Eve, MBC, 2000

Woo Jin leaves work early to go and see In Soo in prison. He tells him to stay away from Young Mi because he’s going to marry her. But In Soo just laughs. He knows Young Mi better than anyone and he knows that she will just use Woo Jin. Why won’t Woo Jin believe this after everything he’s seen? Love really is blind.  In Soo shows Woo Jin the rose tattoo on his chest – Young Mi has the same design on her ankle. He says this proves that they will always love each other. And Woo Jin realises that In Soo won’t easily give Young Mi up.

When Woo Jin confronts Young Mi about her relationship with In Soo she tells him again that she wants to break up. She keeps saying this but does she really mean it? Does she say it when they argue so that he will back down? Is she saying it because she already has her eye on Hyung Chul and really wants to break up with him? Or is she just afraid of losing Woo Jin and so wants to be the first to break it off? It seems that part of her loves him but part of her will never be satisfied with him. She is so complex. Woo Jin refuses to break up. He says again that he will be the one who decides if they break up or not. Hang on, Woo Jin. I don’t get this. Just because you had trouble convincing your mum to accept Young Mi does not mean that you get to call all the shots from now on! If she wants to break up then that’s that! She might respect you more if you did break up. 

 Woo Jin tries to get rid of Young Mi’s past, All About Eve, MBC, 2000

After all this intensity we need a comedy interlude with Jin Soo and Cho Jeh. Jin Soo is running for the lift just as the doors are closing. So he gets crushed in the doors. Cho Jeh happens to be in the lift and they have to stand next to each other. They exchange glances but don’t speak. Then on the next floor lots of people get in the lift. All of a sudden, Jin Soo gets very protective of Cho Jeh and puts an arm around her to stop her getting crushed! Then they sit by a coffee machine (without incident this time) and  flirt with each other. In a second they have gone from hate to love! And they agree to go on a date.

 Jin Soo and Cho Jeh finally get together, All About Eve MBC 2000

Young Mi collapses in pain just before she has to go on air to read the news. Sun Mi finds her and calls Woo Jin but, like the story of the boy who cried wolf, Woo Jin doesn’t believe Young Mi anymore. He thinks she’s just acting and isn’t sick at all and he walks away refusing to help. But then he sees that there really is something wrong. He wants to take her to hospital but she refuses to go straight away, because she can’t stand the idea of Sun Mi taking her place. She gets through the news programme in agony and then collapses and gets rushes to hospital with a burst appendix. Sun Mi can’t understand what drives Young Mi to act like this even when she is so sick. But Sun Mi has never had to struggle in her life like Young Mi has.

 Young Mi collapses in pain, All About Eve MBC 2000

Woo Jin is waiting for Young Mi when she come out of the operation. She’s honest about her jealousy towards Sun Mi and Woo Jin tries to put her mind at rest. They share a tender moment. Meanwhile, Hyung Chul and Sun Dal go out for a drink and we learn a bit more about Sun Dal. Hyung Chul tells Sun Dal that he knows he likes Joo Hee. He encourages him to do something about it.


The coldness between Hyung Chul and Sun Mi continues at work. Hyung Chul, followed by his entourage, is on a ‘walk and talk’. He’s busy giving instructions to his subordinates, but as they go past the coffee machine Sun Mi is standing there with a tray of drinks. Hyung Chul and Sun Mi glance at each other as he passes, but one of the men bumps into her knocking a cup out of her hand. She lets out a cry of dismay. The man apologises but Hyung Chul doesn’t turn around. He just carries on and Sun Mi pulls a face. We can see the extreme difference in their positions here though – Hyung Chul marches along handing out instructions to his entourage while Sun Mi is preparing drinks for her superiors. Aigoo.

 An awkward moment at the coffee machine. All About Eve, MBC, 2000

At the hospital Young Mi asks Joo Hee a favour – let anyone apart from Sun Mi stand in for her on the 7 pm news. Young Mi really does have Joo Hee wrapped around her little finger. So Joo Hee speaks to Sun Dal about this claiming that Sun Mi isn’t ready for this job. But Sun Dal refuses to accept that this is the real reason that Joo Hee is against Sun Mi taking Young Mi’s place. He suggests that the real reason is that she is jealous of Sun Mi because Hyung Chul likes her. She denies this but her expression suggests that Sun Dal is right. Sun Dal can see that she’s still in love with Hyung Chul. Poor Sun Dal.

Sun Dal confronts Joo Hee.  All About Eve MBC 2000

Sun Mi does take Young Mi’s place reading the 7 pm news and Young Mi looks on helplessly from her hospital bed. She takes it out on Woo Jin when he comes to visit her, throwing things at him and screaming. He’s about to walk back out when she puts her head under the covers and begins to cry. She really knows how to manipulate him. He turns back and is bending down picking everything up off the floor when their surprised colleagues arrive to see Woo Jin there alone and Young Mi crying with her head under the covers. Awkward.

Sun Mi sees immediately that something is wrong and glares at Young Mi. Later she goes outside into the hospital grounds with Woo Jin and tries to cheer him up. But when they go back in, they find Hyung Chul has arrived to see Young Mi. He’s her boss and so it is his duty to visit her. Hyung Chul and Sun Mi exchange a look but don’t speak. Then Woo Jin’s mum turns up too. Young Mi asks Woo Jin to pass her a juice. Woo Jin helpfully leans over to get her a drink as he must think it’s for her, but she immediately passes it to Hyung Chul with a coy smile. How mortifying for Woo Jin. She flirts with Hyung Chul right in front of Woo Jin and everyone notices. His mum is upset too.  Sun Mi can’t watch anymore so she leaves and Hyung Chul excuses himself too. They walk out of the hospital together, but she refuses a lift home with him and formally says good night with a bow.

 More humiliation for Woo Jin. All About Eve MBC, 2000 

It’s Sun Mi’s last day on the 7 pm news as Young Mi is ready to come back. She is getting ready to go on. The hierarchy at the company is shown again through coffee as Joo Hee happily makes Sun Mi go and get her drink. But Sun Mi is sweet and is only too pleased to do what Joo Hee asks. The ratings have dropped a bit while Sun Mi has been the anchor on the 7pm news but Joo Hee tells her she was better than expected. That was a backhanded complement. 

Sun Mi and Sun Dal get ready to present the news. Sun Mi knows that she should be objective but when she reads about a young child that was abducted, she suddenly loses control! She gets angry and glares into the camera. Everyone watching is shocked, including Sun Dal who has to stutter his way through his lines. The production team hastily moves on to the next item but Hyung Chul’s uncle, Mr. Kim, watches in horror. He already thinks she’s a worse presenter than Young Mi and now he wants her fired. Everyone thinks this will be the end for Sun Mi. Oh dear.

 Sun Mi shocks everyone on the news. All About Eve, MBC, 2000 

Hyung Chul looks worried but later when he replays the video of her, he can’t help but laugh. He knows she must be regretting what she did. Sure enough she’s sitting with her head in her hands, crying.

Then suddenly the phone in the office rings. Sun Mi is alone and despondently she answers it. But to her surprise,  it’s a viewer praising Sun Mi’s show of emotion on the news. Then all the phones start ringing! In fact, Sun Mi is an overnight sensation and now all the presenters are trying to copy her style! She is even given the permanent position of 7 pm news anchor!  Happily, she goes off to sit in the news anchor’s seat in the studio. She can’t believe how quickly things have changed. Hyung Chul is secretly watching her. She takes out her phone and Hyung Chul looks interested to see who she is going to call. But suddenly his own phone rings and he has to hurry away before she hears his phone and realises he’s there. So cute. But before he answers the phone Sun Mi realises that she is calling Hyung Chul. She called him without thinking and forgot that they are not speaking (!) so she cancels the call and calls her dad instead. But although they don’t speak, Hyung Chul looks pleased – he knows she’s thinking about him.

Sun Mi calls Hyung Chul without thinking. All About Eve, MBC, 2000

But not everyone is happy about Sun Mi’s good fortune! Young Mi is watching Sun Mi on the news at home and looks really annoyed. Suddenly she gets an idea. She gets dressed up and arrives at Hyung Chul’s house with flowers. She gives the excuse that she wanted to say thank you for his visiting her in the hospital. He doesn’t seem too pleased to see her – after all he only went to the hospital out of duty – but he’s polite. Then as she gets up to leave she dramatically collapses on the floor clutching her stomach – it’s fake this time. He grabs her and she looks longingly into his eyes …




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