All About Eve Episode 10

In this episode Young Mi’s jealousy reaches boiling point as Hyung Chul introduces Sun Mi to his father in front of everyone. Young Mi finds a way to get rid of In Soo and tries to break up with Woo Jin too. Meanwhile Sun Mi and Hyung Chul have a difference of opinion over how he should run the company..

Young Mi’s plan to work her magic on Hyung Chul begins as she drives him to work. She makes casual conversation but then in the car park she tries the same flirty tactic that worked so well on Woo Jin – the classic “oh I think I have something in my eye…” trick.  Hyung Chul moves closer to take a look and she demurely gazes at him. But Woo Jin arrives just in time to see this scene and his face shows that he knows what’s going on. Hyung Chul casually beckons him over, while Young Mi cringes. She realises that Woo Jin has seen her behaviour with Hyung Chul and is not going to be happy about it. But at least Hyung Chul is not reacting to her advances. Later, on the roof, Woo Jin confronts Young Mi. But she pretends to be completely innocent.

 Woo Jin watches Young Mi flirt with Hyung Chul, All About Eve, MBC, 2000

In the office the announcers discuss the ratings for their shows. It’s stressful for them all because they know that it’s always the announcers that are blamed when ratings are low. Joo Hee is doing well on the 9 PM news but other programmes are suffering. Joo Hee’s rival and sonbae, Kyung Hui, is worried about her job, and Sun Mi realises that the morning show has been getting lower ratings since she joined. Everyone is worried about programme ratings, All About Eve, MBC, 2000

Later Joo Hee needs to find a dress for the MBS anniversary party. So she takes Young Mi with her to a boutique to help choose something to wear. They look around the fancy boutique and then Joo Hee spots a dress that she really likes. But she’s told that the dress has already been sold – to Hyung Chul. Joo Hee is a regular at the shop and the owner seems to be aware of her ‘relationship’ with Hyung Chul, so she assumes that he has bought the dress for Joo Hee. Of course he hasn’t bought the dress for her and Joo Hee’s and Young Mi’s expressions show that they know he bought the dress for another woman: Sun Mi. This upsets Joo Hee and her mood to shop has gone so she leaves without choosing anything.

Young Mi helps Joo Hee choose a dress for the party, All About Eve, MBC, 2000

Then Hyung Chul takes Sun Mi to the same boutique and asks her to wear the dress to the party because he wants to introduce her to his dad. She’s flustered but he says it’s just low key  – he’ll introduce her as someone he met in London. Woo Jin turns up at Young Mi’s place with flowers – is he trying to apologise with flowers? But I don’t know what he has to apologise for. He’s now starting to annoy me. Young Mi’s behaviour is totally unacceptable and Woo Jin is making himself into a doormat. Very unattractive. All About Eve, MBC, 2000

At the party Woo Jin notices that Young Mi is paying special attention to Hyung Chul. Why is he putting  up with this?? Sun Mi has to do the radio news first before she can go to the party so she arrives late when everyone is already eating from the buffet. Both Joo Hee’s and Young Mi’s faces drop when they see Sun Mi arrive wearing the dress that Hyung Chul chose. Young Mi  snarls with jealousy as Hyung Chul escorts Sun Mi over to the main table to meet his father. He playfully introduces her as the woman he plans to marry! Sun Mi is mortified but then she is invited to sit down and eat with Hyung Chul’s father and the other directors. Others look on in dismay but Cho Jeh is pleased for Sun Mi.Sun Mi meets Hyung Chul’s dad, All About Eve, MBC, 2000

I love the snippets of light humour woven in between Young Mi’s dark and intense jealousy. Jin Soo for example is having problems because he finds himself sitting next to a foreign guest. First the man asks him a question in English. Jin Soo, taken aback, just frowns and responds with a short sharp, “What?” Then later, struggling to use a knife and fork Jin Soo stabs some food with his fork and the food goes flying everywhere. The same man tells him in English to take more care, but again all Jin Soo can say is “What!” I get the impression that this is the only word he can remember from his school English classes!Jin Soo struggles with his English, All About Eve, MBC, 2000

Young Mi and Sun Mi bump into each other in the bathroom. Young Mi unnerves Sun Mi by telling her that her goal has changed and she now plans to go after Hyung Chul rather than just being a top anchor at the company. She reasons that marrying into the family that owns the company is better than just being a news reader. News readers come and go. This is pretty hypercritical to say considering she has just criticised Sun Mi for allowing her relationship with Hyung Chul to help her move up the ladder! At this stage, rather than worrying about losing Hyung Chul to Young Mi, Sun Mi seems more worried that Woo Jin will be hurt if Young Mi breaks up with him. While Young Mi openly shows her feelings to Sun Mi, Joo Hee, who is jealous too, tries to cover her feelings by trying to smile and complementing Sun Mi’s dress.

Young Mi and Sun Mi, All about Eve, MBC, 2000

There’s more comedy as Jin Soo bumps into Cho Jeh (AGAIN), this time at the buffet table, and spills his drink over her again. Then he makes matters worse by trying to wipe it off her chest and she slaps his face a couple of times attracting attention from other guests! It’s so obvious these two are made for each other!

Jin Soo and Cho Jeh meet again, All About Eve, MBC, 2000

Sun Dal and Young Mi have to leave the party early to do the evening news. Sun Dal’s had a couple of drinks. But says he’s not worried because the viewers can’t smell his breath through the TV. When Sun Mi gets home after the party, her dad admires her new dress and wonders who bought it for her. Was it a man? He suggests she bring this man home to meet him. But it’s a bit more complicated than that at the moment and Sun Mi is still confused about her feelings for Hyung Chul so she brushes off his questions and goes to bed.

Young Mi is at home watching (I guess this is a recording) of herself on the news. But then In Soo turns up. He wants to reminisce about the past when they were a couple but she has no interest in this. But he seems incapable of reading the situation and suddenly grabs her and kisses her, but she pushes him off. Then he proposes! I sense that this guy can not take a hint! He has brought old photos of them kissing and cuddling but she grabs them and rips them up telling him to get out. But again, her behaviour doesn’t put him off at all. In his mind they are meant to be together and it seems that there is nothing she can do to put him off.

In Soo won’t leave Young Mi alone, All About Eve, MBC, 2000

He points out that Woo Jin is not right for her – because he is too naive. That’s true. Maybe In Soo does know her better than anyone. And he’s not worried about ruining the pictures as he has the film at home anyway. This sounds like a threat. He finally leaves but she knows he will be back. On the way out he bumps into Woo Jin who comes in and sees the ripped pictures. He’s angry but not surprised at what he sees. Young Mi sees her opportunity and says she wants to break up, but he refuses – he went against his mum and Sun Mi to be with her so he’s not going to give her up that easily now. But he’s still upset and goes off to drink soju in a pojangmaja, tent restaurant.

 Woo Jin, All About Eve, MBC, 2000

Young Mi has a dream where she walks into work and sees pictures of herself and In Soo all over the walls. In the dream everyone is giving her dirty looks. But when she goes to work the next day everything is fine. Nobody knows. Yet. Still, she knows that In Soo is going to be hard to shake off and also he could reveal her past to anyone at any time. The bottle of liquor he gave her the night before has given her an idea.

When she gets a spare moment at work, with a very guilty expression she makes a phone call to the police.  Soon the police are at In Soo’s place and arrest him for running a dodgy joint with underage prostitution and fake alcohol. But Young Mi feels bad about snitching on him and after she finishes reading the news she has to run and throw up.Young Mi calls the police, All About Eve, MBC, 2000

Woo Jin sees In Soo getting arrested on the news. He recognises him as the man in the photos with Young Mi and immediately believes that it must have been Young Mi that called the police, so he confronts her but of course he has no proof and she denies it. But after speaking to some of his  contacts, Woo Jin comes to the conclusion that it was her. He has finally realised who Young Mi really is and he remembers back to all the times that he took Young Mi’s side rather than believing Sun Mi when she accused her of doing something.

 Woo Jin watches the arrest on TV, All About Eve, MBC, 2000

The staff at MBS are worried about losing their jobs because Hyung Chul is planning to bring in celebrity presenters to boost the ratings. Sun Mi does not agree with this policy and stops Hyung Chul to challenge him about it. She is out of line to speak to him this way. It shows her immaturity and it’s a really cringy scene! And she wouldn’t dare say anything to him if they didn’t have their special relationship. He stops and listens to what she says. But he doesn’t answer and he is stony faced. Sun Dal tells her off for speaking out but Hyung Chul just walks away without eye contact. This upsets her and later when Hyung Chul wants to take her out, she refuses. He acts as though nothing happened earlier. Maybe he can separate work and pleasure. But Sun Mi can’t. She is still annoyed with him and marches off in the rain leaving Hyung Chul standing in the classic ‘standing in the rain’ pose. How can she resist him? 








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