New Tales of Gisaeng Han Hye-rin appears on SBS entertainment show

source: Reviewstar

Han Hye Rin who played Geum Ra Ra in New Tales of Gisaeng recently appeared on one of the SBS entertainment shows 강심장 (Kang Shim Jang)

On this show a panel of “talent” is invited to come on and chat. This was the first time that Han Hye Rin has been invited onto this kind of show so I guess this means she has become well known after New Tales of Gisaeng. The guests have a board next to them and they can write the subject that they want to talk about on it. One of the things Han Hye Rin spoke about was her experience of one-sided love. Her topic was ‘품절남에 빠지다’ (pun jeol nam e bajida) falling in love with a married man!

To everyone’s surprise, she said she once had a crush on her senior, actor Cha Tae-hyeon, when they acted together in the drama General Hospital 2 (2009). There were other well-known actors in the drama including Kim Jung-eun (all About Eve) and Lee Jae Ryong (Sangdo)  and so, since she was so young  at the time, she felt intimidated. But before the shooting of the drama began they had a sport competition (for everyone to get to know each other better, I suppose). There was a three-legged race and she was paired with Cha Tae-hyeon. And she said that she became smitten by the way he tied their legs together with the string! (ha ha)

Ironically, her role in the drama was to be in love with Chae Tae-hyeon’s character. And so she was able to understand and play this role really easily since she actually liked him in real life! But the problem was that every time she looked at him, she blushed. (Yes, I think we’ve all been there.) She said that it would have been OK if it was only her face that had turned red but even her ears turned red. So she was teased by the others.(Again, we’ve all been there! Well I have anyway..) She wanted to look pretty in front of the man she liked but every time she saw him she couldn’t stop her face turning red! Ah! 














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