All About Eve Episode 9

Poor Sun Mi starts to have a hard time when everyone at work discovers that she is ‘dating’ the boss, Hyung Chul. This bullying REALLY reminds me of school. Ah the good old days (?) Young Mi is SO JEALOUS, but, clever as ever, decides she should pretend to be on Sun Mi’s side. She’s also realising that Woo Jin may have served his purpose. At least some of Sun Mi’s colleagues support her. And there’s more humour in this episode when Cho Jeh and Jin Soo meet again. 

Young Mi and Sun Mi, All about Eve, Episode 9, MBC, 2000

Hyung Chul has a lot of explaining to do so he takes Sun Mi to a cafe. He wants to apologise for not telling her about his position at the company. And now that she knows, he’s worried that things are going to change between them – that’s why he didn’t say anything earlier. Sun Mi feels silly for confiding in him when she was hurt by Woo Jin and Young Mi. I can understand that she must feel like a complete fool. Things can’t stay the same though. Before he was just her sonbae but now he’s her boss. After they talk, she refuses to go with him in the car and storms off to get a taxi back to the office.

 Hyung Chul and Sun Mi, All About Eve, MBC, 2000

Joo Hee is annoyed with Sun Mi for pulling out of the morning show. She thinks it’s irresponsible behaviour but Joo Hee is always looking for excuses to complain about Sun Mi. Sun Dal is annoyed too and tells Sun Mi off, saying if she doesn’t want to do her job she should quit. I agree with this. It was very childish of her to back down from the morning show. It’s not up to her to decide whether to do a job or not. She was given the morning show and she should do it regardless of what is going on with Hyung Chul and her colleagues. Young Mi is listening at the door relishing all this. Then afterwards she tells Sun Mi that she has kept her secret about Hyung Chul for now… Yes, she is just waiting for the perfect moment to tell everyone about this. 

 Sun Mi gets told off by Sun Dal, All About Eve, MBC, 2000

Sun Mi goes up on the roof to think. Hyung Chul happens to see her and joins her there to talk to her. She’s still upset with him and is about to walk off when he confesses that he has developed feelings for her. She’s surprised and doesn’t know what to say. He wants to know if she is still only interested in Woo Jin. Oh what a cute scene. I think Sun Mi could look a bit happier about this though!

Young Mi is listening to their conversation nearby. She spends a lot of time eavesdropping in this episode. She storms off when she hears what Hyung Chul is saying to Sun Mi. But as she’s marching down a corridor still fuming over this revelation, she bumps into Joo Hee. Young Mi thinks quickly and her expression changes to a grin as she sees a way to make Sun Mi’s life difficult. Knowing about Joo Hee’s feelings for Hyung Chul, she takes her up on the roof suggesting they should get some air. Of course Joo Hee sees Hyung Chul and Sun Mi together and realises there’s something going on between them. Good work, Young Mi.

 Joo Hee finds out about Sun Mi and Hyong Chul, All About Eve, MBC, 2000 

The rumour quickly spreads that Sun Mi and Hyung Chul are dating. Her colleagues quickly turn against her saying it is thanks to Hyung Chul that she she won the position on the morning show. Jin Soo stands up to defend Sun Mi and tells everyone not to gossip about Sun Mi and Hyung Chul dating but just as he says this, the senior presenters walk in and Jin Soo realises that he has unwittingly made the situation worse!  Now EVERYONE knows. Only Cho Jeh is genuinely pleased for Sun Mi when she hears the news.

Things start getting worse for Sun Mi now as the other newbies feel that she is getting special treatment. They have a meeting and complain about her because they feel it’s not fair that she got the morning programme. Sun Mi arrives but before she can say anything Young Mi storms past her and wastes no time in pretending to jump to Sun Mi’s defence. She even manages a few fake tears. Sun Mi sees through her fake performance and walks away in disgust.

 Sun Mi’s relationship with Hyung Chul causes problems, All About Eve, MBC, 2000

She walks around for a while before going to see Woo Jin. She tells him that someone likes her, but that she feels weird about that – it means a change is coming. And she had always hoped that it would be Woo Jin who one day would tell her that he liked her. Oh. This is like the end of her childhood. 

 Sun Mi goes to see Woo Jin, All About Eve, MBC, 2000

Sun Mi presents on the morning show for the first time, but she’s nervous and when she introduces herself she hiccups. Joo Hee and Sun Dal help her out telling the viewers that it’s her first day. Afterwards she goes back to the office where a large basket of flowers is delivered to her. There’s an awkward moment as everyone in the room is thinking the same thing – Hyung Chul has sent her flowers. Sure enough, someone makes a snide remark suggesting the flowers are from Hyung Chul and so Sun Mi grabs the flowers and storms down to his office. Oh no. This is a REALLY embarrassing bit. She slams the flowers on the table demanding to know why he is doing this to her when she had told him not to send her things at work. He looks at her bemused. As she’s glaring at him she gets a phone call from her dad wondering if she got the flowers… Hyung Chul smiles but oh how mortifying for her. He’s guessed that she’s getting a hard time though. She asks him to give her some time to think. All I can say is Sun Mi, Sun Mi, What is there to think about?

 Hyung Chul didn’t send the flowers! All About Eve, MBC, 2000

Hyung Chul goes to a tented restaurant, pojangmacha, with Woo Jin. He tells him he’s fallen in love but doesn’t say who with. And again he asks Woo Jin about his girlfriend  but Woo Jin doesn’t want to say anything since he is sworn to secrecy! Later Woo Jin goes round to Young Mi’s place. He’s drunk and she tells him that the woman Hyung Chul likes is Sun Mi. Woo Jin looks shocked. He didn’t see that one coming. Later when she goes to bed Young Mi symbolically turns over the photo of herself with Woo Jin – looks like Woo Jin’s days as her boyfriend are numbered. She is turning her attention to another man and we can all guess who that will be…

 Woo Jin discovers Hyung Chul is in love with Sun Mi, All About Eve, MBC, 2000

At work Hung Chul continues to make changes to improve the ratings of the broadcasting company. Sun Dal tells Joo Hee that she has been given the top spot of anchor on the 9 pm news. She is very pleased. This means he will present the morning show with Sun Mi. Joo Hee is not so pleased to hear this but Sun Dal points out that Hyung Chul had nothing to do with this decision. Young Mi will be the 7 pm news anchor. It looks like the screens in the background behind Joo Hee are showing other MBC shows that were on at the time. One screen is showing a sageuk drama that must be Heojun.

 Joo Hee is the new 9 pm news anchor, All About Eve, MBC, 2000

Now some of Sun Mi’s colleagues are starting to bully her. When Sun arrives in the office she sees that her name has been ripped off the list of new anchors that’s on the wall. Sun Mi is really upset about this but says nothing, while the women (it’s always women that do this kind of thing isn’t it?) sit and snigger. Again Young Mi comes to her rescue. She storms in, slaps the culprit across the face, rips the paper off the wall and storms down to Hyung Chul’s office to show him. Mortified, Sun Mi rushes behind her to stop her. Young Mi arrives at his office and begins to tell Hyung Chul what’s going on. Sun Mi comes in behind her, pushes her onto the floor (!) and grabs the paper. Then she apologises and runs out. Meanwhile Young Mi flutters her eyelashes at Hyung Chul and tells him what’s been going on. He thanks her for being a good friend to Sun Mi. Does he really believe this?? This is like a scene in the headmaster’s office at school. Hyung Chul is the headmaster and Young Mi is the schoolgirl tattle tailing about what’s going on in class.

 Sun Mi gets bullied at work, All About Eve, MBC, 2000

Jin Soo comes along and finds Sun Mi in tears. He cheers her up and she is grateful that at least he is on her side. She wants to do something for him in return so he asks her to set him up on a blind date. At first she can’t think of anyone but then she remembers her friend Cho Jeh. Cho Jeh is keen for a date too so Sun Mi gives him Cho Jeh’s number so that he can call her directly.

Another COMEDY scene with Cho Jeh and Jin Soo – The two chat on the phone and don’t realise they literally bumped into each other before at the coffee machine. They both put on their best fake voices – she sounds all girly and he tries to sound manly! But when they come face to face they are shocked and disappointed to see each other and can’t wait to get away from each other!

 Cho Jeh and Jin Soo meet on a blind date, All About Eve, MBC, 2000

Young Mi has her first go at the 7 pm news. Hyung Chul comes to give her encouragement. She is already trying to flirt a bit with him like she did with Woo Jin, but Hyung Chul is a completely different man. He is not naive like Woo Jin. In Soo sees her on the news too  where he’s working in his girly bar. On the way home after work, Young Mi bumps into Hyung Chul so he gives her a lift home. She asks him to drop her off at Sun Mi’s place saying it’s easier than taking her all the way home. But when they arrive they see Woo Jin and Sun Mi at the gate and there’s a very awkward moment before Young Mi marches off in  a mood. Even though she is already planning to catch Hyung Chul she is angry and jealous that Woo Jin is spending time with Sun Mi. Woo Jin chases after her. Sun Mi and Hyung Chul are left alone together. He tells her that he’ll wait for her to make her mind up, but if she can’t love him, well that’s ok. Sigh. 

 Young Mi gets promoted but is still not satisfied, All About Eve, MBC, 2000

Woo Jin and Young Mi have made up and they go out for dinner. Through their conversation we can see a bit of her conflict. She does seem to genuinely like Woo Jin because she feels that he takes care of her. She says she likes it when he asks her, ‘have you eaten?’ because it shows that he is concerned about her. But he isn’t enough for her. She will always want more and he knows this. Young Mi gets recognised by the adjumma who asks her for her autograph to put on the wall. Young Mi is happy to be recognised. They are having a good time but then Joo Hee calls out of the blue. She’s drunk and wants to see Young Mi. Young Mi  says she isn’t doing anything special and agrees to go! This upsets Woo Jin but he doesn’t stop her and as he watches her sign the autograph and leave he looks a little sad. He is far too soft and this will be his downfall. Poor Woo Jin. 

Young Mi arrives at the bar and is surprised to see that Hyung Chul is there too. Like Woo Jin, he asks her if she has eaten! This is a common expression in Korea after all. But she gazes at him happily. It looks like she has already forgotten Woo Jin. When Joo Hee goes to the bathroom she tells Hyung Chul that she wishes Joo Hee and he could get together since Joo Hee loves him so much. She doesn’t wish this at all! Joo Hee is drunk so Young Mi drives them home. The next day for work Young Mi wears the necklace Sun Mi gave her when she got back from the UK (she doesn’t know  Hyung Chul bought it though.) She must want to look extra attractive today. Then she goes to wait outside Hyung Chul’s apartment. When she sees him come out she drives over and casually offers to take him to work. She was just passing after all…

  Young Mi turns her attention to a new man, All About Eve, MBC, 2000


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