All About Eve episode 8

 Ooh I enjoyed this episode. There are some cute romantic moments with Hyung Chul as his feelings for Sun Mi develop. And there’s laugh-out-loud comedy with Sun Mi’s colleagues Jin Soo and Cho Jeh. And finally Sun Mi learns who Hyung Chul really is…

Hyung Chul takes Woo Jin and and Sun Dal out for lunch. He acts like he has brought them to talk about work but it seems that he really wants to find out more about the man that Sun Mi likes – Woo Jin. And Hyung Chul asks him lots of questions, especially about his girlfriend.  Woo Jin, Sun Dal, and Hyung Chul, All About Eve, MBC, 2000, episode 8

In this episode we also start to see glimpses of the ups and downs of life in a Korean company. While the three men chat, Hyung Chul mentions that one of the problems in Korean society is how much age is an issue – even though he is Sun Dal’s boss, he still has to be polite to him since Sun Dal is his sonbae (senior). Back at the broadcasting station, MBS, there are more hierarchy issues as Joo Hee’s sonbae asks her to go and get her some coffee. In some ways it’s a simple request, but it causes tension and Joo Hee is not amused. The two women don’t get along and this seems to be a way  to remind Joo Hee of her (more junior) position. Joo Hee goes to get coffee, All About Eve, MBC, 2000 episode 8

The men come back from lunch but there’s an awkward moment in the lift when they all bump into Young Mi. She seems surprised when she learns that Hyung Chul is her boss maybe because he is so young. Sun Dal introduces her to Woo Jin too since he doesn’t realise that they are dating! Woo Jin and Young Mi pretend that they don’t know each other and Hyung Chul looks on bemused. Woo Jin is not comfortable about this situation and for a while he refuses to speak to Young Mi. But he can’t be angry with her for too long and they make up later.

Now we have some CLASSIC COMEDY. At a coffee machine in another part of the building, Cho Jeh bumps into Jin Soo, one of the young announcers in Sun Mi’s class. As she knocks into him, he spills his coffee. They have never met before and so Cho Jeh simply apologises and walks over to the coffee machine. But Jin Soo is annoyed. He demands that she compensate him for the amount of coffee that spilt out of his cup and he gives a long speech as to why he thinks she should do this! Cho Jeh is shocked. She can’t believe the fuss he is making over a bit of coffee and she refuses to take full responsibility, saying that he is partly to blame for being careless. He refuses to accept responsibility too and starts to re-enact the scene to demonstrate why it was her fault. But he is holding his coffee as he demonstrates this and as he turns around recklessly, the same thing happens again and he bumps into someone else – this time a senior looking man – and spills coffee on him.

Embarrassed, Cho Jeh and Jin Soo run away from the man and as they run, Cho Jeh points out that the man is the company’s financial director! They arrive at another coffee machine where Cho Jeh buys another coffee. She blames Jin Soo for not being careful with hot coffee. And to prove her point, she demonstrates how he behaved… but of course this time she bumps into another senior looking man and spills coffee over him – another director. They have to run away again. Oh. That was great!

 Cho Jeh and Jin Soo meet for the first time, All About Eve, MBC, 2000 episode 8

Joo Hee is starting to show more and more favouritism towards Young Mi. She says it’s because Young Mi is so talented and shows promise. Poor Sun Mi is not at the top of the class at the moment but that’s partly because of Young Mi’s meddling.

Joo Hee and Hyung Chul meet in a smoky but posh bar. He tells her that she reminds him too much of the past – and the problems that he has had with his family. He’s telling her that he can’t be in a romantic relationship with her. (He seems to have to tell her this over and over again!) But she doesn’t want to believe it. He insinuates that he has found someone else. And later that night he turns up at Sun Mi’s house with a single rose. He hangs around outside for a while, but she is inside getting ready for bed and has no idea he is there…. At one point he gets out his phone – this must have been top of the range in 2000 – and it looks like he’s going to call her. But he changes his mind and puts the phone away. He leaves the rose on the gate post. How romantic. Later Sun Mi goes outside and finds the rose. But there’s no note so she thinks someone has left it at the wrong house. Oh. But something did make her go outside, though.

 Sun Mi and Hyung Chul, All About Eve, MBC, 2000

Back at work, the newbies have one more test – they have to take turns to co-present on the morning show with Joo Hee and Sun Dal. Poor Jin Soo is picked on by his seniors because he’s not very good at presenting yet. Young Mi and Sun Mi have not spoken much since they started working at MBS. But now in the bathrooms Young Mi pretends to try to help Sun Mi by telling her that she looks too young and needs more makeup. Sun Mi doesn’t want to take her advice – she doesn’t trust her. But then Joo Hee comes out of the cubicle. She has overheard the conversation and agrees with Young Mi that Sun Mi does need to do something about her image. She tells Sun Mi that she is LUCKY to have a friend like Young Mi. This strategy of pretending to be friends and helping Sun Mi is Young Mi’s new weapon.


The newbies go off to prepare for their test. Sun Mi still hasn’t decided what to do for her interview. But then one evening, her dad watches a moving programme on TV about kindness and this gives Sun Mi an idea. She goes off to a poor areas of town to try to interview people who have helped others even though they don’t have much themselves. But she discovers that many people don’t want to boast about what they have done. And they are too embarrassed to go on TV. Meanwhile Young Mi takes a completely different approach and prepares to interview a professor at Seoul University.

Back at MBS, Sun Mi is surprised when lots of Chinese food – enough for all her colleagues  – is delivered to her office at lunch time. She wonders if it’s from Hyung Chul and feels embarrassed. Later she meets him and asks him not to do it again as she doesn’t want rumours to spread. Then there’s another CLASSIC scene where Sun Mi complains about the new executive director of MBS – she moans that he is the company president’s son and that is the only reason that he got the job. He hasn’t had to work his way up like everyone else! Hyung Chul just stifles a grin and suggests that she is being a bit harsh considering that she hasn’t even met the man yet…Oh boy. (Hyung Chul… Sun Mi is going to go mad when she finds out. You should have told her earlier…)

Sun Mi goes back to the poor area and waits patiently outside a lady’s house determined to get the interview. (This kind of housing is often built on mountains and is not always legal. When this drama was made there were a lot more areas like this but gradually they have been redeveloped to make room for apartment blocks. I wrote about this before when I went on a walk and found the film location of the drama What Happened in Bali.)

Anyway, Sun Mi is so happy to get the interview that she calls Hyung Chul straight away. (Now she’s thinking of him before Woo Jin) He’s pleased that she called and happy to hear her news, but Joo Hee overhears him on the phone and realises by his manner that he is talking to the woman that he likes. Poor Joo Hee is envious.Sun Mi waits to get an interview. All About Eve, MBC, 2000, episode 8

It’s the day of the interviews on the morning show. Young Mi goes to Seoul University to interview the physics professor and does a slick performance as always, Jin Soo tries to do something on sport but gets so hot and bothered because he keeps making mistakes, and Sun Mi gets emotional interviewing her kind lady. Sun Mi’s dad cries too when he watches it on TV! Later all the interviews are evaluated by a panel that includes the senior news anchors and company directors. At the meeting Joo Hee pushes for Young Mi to win, but Hyung Chul wants to hear how popular they all were with the public, not just their colleagues. It turns out that Sun Mi was more popular with the viewers as her topic was more appropriate for the morning show. So Sun Mi wins and Hyung Chul looks pleased.

Joo Hee has to tell Young Mi the bad news that she hasn’t won. But she shows far too emotion. She should stay neutral on the issue. But Young Mi is able to manipulate her. Joo Hee has now got the prized position of news anchor on the 7 pm news. But her goal is to be on the 9 pm news – that’s the top prize for a news anchor. And to make Young Mi feel better, she suggests that when she moves to the 9pm slot, Young Mi would suit the 7 pm anchor position! This seems to cheer Young Mi up a bit. She was beginning to wonder if it was worth being nice to Joo Hee since she couldn’t help her win this test! Oooh, Young is such a user.

 Sun Mi’s dad and Mrs. Song watch Sun Mi’s interview. All About Eve, MBC, 2000

After work, Hyung Chul drives Sun Mi home. But Young Mi is hanging around outside Sun Mi’s house for some reason – maybe she’s angry with Sun Mi for winning the interview test and wants to challenge her over this. But then she sees Hung Chul and Sun Mi get out of the car and talk intimately. She can’t believe it. He is on the verge of telling Sun Mi who he is. He tells her he has a new job. But then stops short of saying WHERE he works. But after he drives away, Young Mi storms over and tells Sun Mi EXACTLY who he is. Sun Mi can’t believe it and of course Young Mi tells her that she must have won because of him. Young Mi discovers Sun Mi and Hyung Chul’s relationship. All About Eve, MBC, 2000

Sun Mi also wonders if she won the interview test because of Hyung Chul. She’s upset that he didn’t tell her the truth and she feels stupid for not knowing. She is also worried about what the others will say when they find out that she has a ‘relationship’ with the boss. So the next day she tells Sun Dal that she doesn’t want to do the morning show which is the prize for coming top in the test. She says they should give the job to Young Mi. She shows her immaturity since it’s not up to her to decide who does the job and she’s also letting Young Mi manipulate her again.

Then she storms up to see Hyung Chul who is in an important meeting with his uncle and other directors about the direction of the station’s children’s programmes. Hyung Chul’s presentation goes down well in the meeting and he looks relieved. He is in a power struggle with his uncle who leaves the meeting fuming with anger. But then Sun Mi walks in and she looks at Hyung Chul with an angry expression that I don’t think he has seen before…



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  • August 29, 2011 at 9:01 am

    I really love All about Eve. I have the DVDs, and I’m watching them again (for like the ninth time). I love Hyung Chul, he is like the perfect man. 😉
    Looking for information about this drama on the web I just found your site, and I think it is very good, the information that you post about Korea is very interesting, I’m gonna visit your site frecuently!

    • August 30, 2011 at 11:24 am

      And I agree about Hyung Chul! Even though All About Eve is more than ten years old now, I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of watching it…

  • June 27, 2016 at 11:27 pm

    Thanks …. I like both of them .I have been watching this drama over n over again .somehow I don”t really feel bored .

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