All About Eve Episode 7

In this episode Sun Mi and Young Mi start their new jobs at MBS, the broadcasting station. Young Mi is still determined to beat Sun Mi at everything – and she never plays fair. Her relationship with Woo Jin hits a problem but Sun Mi rekindles her friendship with Hyung Chul. This episode is more about setting up the characters in their new environment at the broadcasting station. Young Mi is already searching out the people she can use to help her later. 

Young Mi and Joo Hee share a joke as they listen to Sun Mi struggle on the radio, All About Eve, MBC, 2000 episode 7

Sun Mi and Young Mi and the other newbies get shown around MBS and gasp with excitement at their new environment – or are they gasping at all the old looking equipment, it’s so big and old fashioned now, bless. Hyung Chul arrives for work and catches a glimpse of Sun Mi, but she doesn’t notice him – and still doesn’t know that he’s her boss. In his office he keeps the Peter Rabbit souvenir on his desk that Sun Mi gave him in England. Joo Hee pops in to see him and it’s obvious that she still likes him. It’s also obvious that her feelings are one-sided.Hyung Chul, All About Eve, MBC, 2000 episode 7 

Sun Mi is pleased to bump into her university friend Cho-Jeh  – she failed the announcer’s exam but has managed to pass the voice acting test, so they will be working at the same place after all. Cho- jeh has a lot of humorous scenes in the drama and as she chats to Sun Mi she suddenly becomes star-struck as she spots the actor Jeon Kwang-Reol in character as the famous Joseon doctor Heojun which was actually being filmed (in real life) at MBC at the same time. She rushes off to get his autograph!

Then the newbies practice their news reading skills in class with Joo Hee. It’s a hard day and everyone is tired by the end. As it’s their first day, Woo Jin comes to pick Young Mi up when it’s time to go home. But she doesn’t look pleased to see him. In fact, she tells him off for coming to meet her as she wants them to pretend not to know each other at work! She looks around hoping no one saw them together and gets him to drive away quickly. She really is a piece of work.This upsets Woo Jin, not surprisingly, and puts him in a bad mood. He also questions her feelings for him. Woo Jin questions Young Mi’s love for him, All About Eve, MBC, 2000, ep 7

Nothing is mentioned about the pregnancy issue from the last episode. But I suppose we can assume that Young Mi is not/no longer pregnant. But Woo Jin’s mum has softened towards Young Mi. Mrs. Song notices that he’s down in the dumps and she asks Young Mi if they’ve had a fight. She suggests that they hurry up and get married. But Young Mi doesn’t want to get married. She is too ambitious and says there are more bad points than good points for a career woman when she gets married. She also tells Mrs. Song not to interfere in their relationship and Mrs. Song meekly accepts – oh how the power has changed between them. Young Mi is in control now. Woo Jin’s mum is nice to her face but she complains about her later to Sun Mi’s dad over beers. The new announcers go out with their teachers to a karaoke box. On the way home Sun Mi appeals to Young Mi to treat Woo Jin and his mum well. After all he did pay her tuition fees at college! Young Mi basically tells her to mind her own business. Sun Mi sweetly accepts this and gets in the taxi, but on the way home she looks at the two pictures in her wallet – one of her with her father and one with Woo Jin. She scrunches this one up and then quickly straightens it and puts it back in her wallet. She still can’t let go of him.

night out with new colleagues, All about Eve MBC, 2000, episode 7

At work, Young Mi does her best to suck up to Joo Hee by bringing her drinks in the morning. In fact, Joo Hee and Young Mi seem to be getting on very well – I think too well really since Joo Hee is still more of a teacher than a colleague so she shouldn’t be showing favouritism. (although they are not at school anymore this still feels like school) One of Sun Mi’s jobs is to read the time at 4pm on the radio but she’s nervous and she gulps by mistake first. Joo Hee is critical of her in front of Young Mi but Hyung Chul listens to her in his office and smiles.

 Hyung Chul has a meeting and then happens to walk past a classroom where Sun Mi is practising her news reading skills on her own. He watches her through the window as she chastises herself for not being very good. Then there’s a classic stomach rumble sound effect as she realises it’s lunch time. Hyung Chul must have heard it too and he grins and later she finds a burger waiting for her left anonymously! She’s confused. Who could have left the food for her? When she gets home later Mrs. Song and her dad are so proud of her as they heard her saying the time on the radio – she is lucky to have so much support at home. But Young Mi has support too now – from Woo Jin and Sun Mi’s dad. She just abuses it. So I don’t feel sorry for her anymore!!

 Hyung Chul watches Sun Mi practise, All About Eve MBC, 2000, ep 7

The newbies’ next test is to do a three minute speech. Young Mi overhears Sun Mi telling Cho Jeh that she was told her speech was good. This annoys Young Mi and she thinks up a plan to sabotage Sun Mi. First she pages Sun Mi so she thinks that she has to go to the announcer’s room. Sun Mi leaves her speech with Cho Jeh. But then Cho Jeh pops out to go to the bathroom  leaving the speech behind. Young Mi wastes no time and goes and rips the speech up into tiny pieces. Meanwhile Sun Mi has realised that nobody paged her, so she goes back to the studio only to find her speech in bits! She’s shocked and upset and really nervous now as the test is about to begin…

Of course, when it’s her turn she fluffs her lines and does a terrible job much to Young Mi’s delight. Her teachers look on in dismay. To make things worse, Young Mi is up next and does a fabulous and polished speech as always. Afterwards Sun Mi is in tears but then Hyung Chul calls her and asks her out to dinner. He can hear that she’s upset. When she meets him after work he’s wearing jeans – so she won’t know he has a job. I don’t know how long he thinks he can hide who he really is. And the longer he leaves it, the more upset she is going to  be when she finds out the truth.  Sun Mi does badly in the speech test thanks to Young Mi, All About Eve, MBC, 2000, ep 7

Hyung Chul takes Sun Mi to an amusement park and they ride on the (horrific) pirate ship. (Even a date with Hyung Chul would not make me ride the pirate ship.)  But they enjoy themselves and then romantically sit and look up and talk about the stars. (Again, I don’t want to ruin the mood, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a star in the Seoul sky.) Anyway, he tells her that he has never been in love. But when Sun Mi goes off to buy more beer, he sees the picture of her with Woo Jin sticking out of her bag and he stares at it – is he a bit jealous? As he waits for Sun Mi to come back, Joo Hee calls him from a bar to find out where he is. She realises that he’s with a woman and feels disappointed. She drowns her sorrows with Young Mi who is with her at the bar – She is definitely too friendly with Young Mi.

Hyung Chul must have recognized Woo Jin from the photo because the next day at work he calls him to his office….

Woo Jin arrives at Hyung Chul’s office. What on earth does his boss want to see him about?

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