A Walk up Namsan to Seoul Tower


It was a sunny weekend so I decided it was time to stop hibernating and get out and about. Sometimes we walk up Namsan mountain when the weather is good. It’s an easy walk and usually pretty quiet, even though there are lots of people at the top – couples on dates and and young families – we don’t meet many people walking up. So I think most people get there by cable car or on one of the electric buses that go up regularly. It takes us about one and a half hours to walk up and down starting from Dongguk University station. There’s lots more information on Seoul Tower here by the way.

The views of Seoul walking up the mountain are good and you can really see the difference between the low built old part of the city in the foreground and the new high rise modern area on the south side of the river in the distance. (see the third picture below) When we get to the top we don’t usually go up to the observation deck as the views are good anyway and there is often a long queue to get in. Yesterday there was a guitarist playing South American style music to a small crowd under the tower.  And then there were lots of people (like us) taking pictures of each other next to the huge walls of locks – since Seoul Tower is a popular dating spot, young couples can buy a lock here and write a message on it and attach it to the wall. We didn’t buy a lock (sigh) but we took some snaps…   By the time we had walked up, we were getting hungry. If we arrive early enough and have finished our walk by about 11 am, we normally go to a noodle restaurant in Myeong Dong (below). But if we set off too late, like we did yesterday, then we don’t finish the walk till around 1 pm and then I don’t want to go to that noodle shop because it will be ABSOLUTELY PACKED. Especially on a nice day the queues at lunch time can look like this. For me, it’s not just about the queues. I don’t like sitting elbow to elbow with people when I’m trying to eat noodles (or anything else for that matter). So with regret we gave up on the noodles – the kalgugsu (see below) comes with dumplings and everything comes with really good garlicky, spicy kimchi on the side. The waitresses walk around with large tubs of kimchi to replenish empty plates. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. We’ll definitely get up earlier next time. 

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