Heo Jun Recaps episodes 1-64


The thing with Heojun is that right from the word go, it’s intense. (No wonder it reached record-breaking viewing figures of over 60%!!) By the end of the first episode my stomach was in knots over the injustice of it all. Heojun, I feel your pain. Straight away we know that this is going to be all about overcoming the injustices of the class system and the social rules of Joseon society.

Heojun episode 1

heojun01It’s 1568 the first year of King Seonjo’s reign. Heojun is the son of a magistrate which should make him a yangban aristocrat, but his mother is a gisaeng, entertainer. And that puts him in a very difficult situation. He is not an aristocrat but not really a commoner. And he’s got a chip on his shoulder about that. (I KNEW I was going to get really into this again. But this time I am going to try to ration myself to one episode a day! )  Continue reading “Heo Jun Recaps episodes 1-64” »

A year at the Calligraphy Academy


One of my New Year’s resolutions this year is to practise calligraphy more! At the end of last month I completed my first year at the calligraphy school and we are now on winter break, so Wednesday afternoons are free until March when the new term starts. But we ended the year, rather excitingly, with an exhibition of all the students’ work!


Exhibition for calligraphy students for 2013 was held in December at the Calligraphy Museum 

calligraphyAnd here is my final work. I must confess that although I did practise a little bit at home throughout the year, I wasn’t overly diligent until that day in late November when the teacher gave each of us newbies a different poem to practise. (Up until that point we had all been practising the same characters) and he pointed out that we all had to practise hard for ‘THE EXHIBITION’! :o

That’s when the ‘cram practising’ began – I knew my work wasn’t going to be fantastic, but by this point I was just trying to avoid embarrassing myself.The teacher told us to bring our three best pieces in to class and he would choose the best of the three. To makes matters worse, we also had to start practising the smaller characters which are written down the lefthand side of the exhibition work (which tell us the name of the poet and the name of the person who wrote the calligraphy). And as the small characters are written with the SAME huge brush we use for the larger characters, trying to get them right is VERY FRUSTRATING …We were all cringing I think when we had to hand in our final piece. But the teacher says that no one is EVER happy with their work. They ALWAYS feel that they can do better.

In my poem, the writer feels nostalgic after saying goodbye to his friend who is going back to his hometown. The writer reflects on time passing by and wonders when he too can visit his hometown. The teacher chose the poem for me and I think it’s very suitable since I’m away from home too. :cry: (BTW the poem is read vertically from right to left)


The exhibition space: My work is the first on the left

But I have to say it was fun to see my work mounted on the wall! We all had to pay 40,000 won to cover exhibition costs. But this included having our work mounted onto a scroll which was rolled up after the exhibition and boxed for us to keep. :)

Dongdaemun Design Park


Wow, from this angle it looks like a shark. It has also been likened to a spaceship. Anyway, the newly opened and controversial Dongdaemun Design Park is certainly not bland! It has been built in place of the baseball stadium – the country’s first sport’s stadium – that was knocked down several years ago. Only the baseball stadium lights (below) are left as a reminder of the past… Continue reading “Dongdaemun Design Park” »

Heo Jun Episode 61 Internal Conflict at the Palace

heojun6113Now that the external enemy has been beaten (for now) the Joseon government begin to fight amongst themselves! The birth of another prince causes all kinds of tension between the opposing political factions as they argue over who should become the next king. Heo Jun is in the middle and doesn’t want to be dragged into their political scheming. But when Prince Gwang Hae becomes seriously ill, his enemies want Heo Jun to finish him off … Continue reading “Heo Jun Episode 61 Internal Conflict at the Palace” »