The Story of Chunhyang – Korean literary classic


This month we visited Namwon in North Jeolla province. Namwon’s claim to fame is that it is the hometown of Chunhyang, the heroine in the The Story of Chunhyang, a Korean literary classic. It is supposedly based on a true story which occurred during the reign of King Sukjong (r.1674-1720) Continue reading “The Story of Chunhyang – Korean literary classic” »

Korean drama review: My Love from the Star (SBS 2014)

my love from the star

SBS My Love from the Star

I’ve been meaning to watch the very popular SBS drama My Love from the Star 별에서 온 그대 for a while. Then when all the Chinese fans of the drama arrived last month to visit the filming locations (and eat chicken and beer) I decided that now really was the time to watch it… And I loved it. It’s such a FUN fantasy romance. Continue reading “Korean drama review: My Love from the Star (SBS 2014)” »

Which is the best 치맥 Chimaek Chicken and Beer Chain in Seoul?

daily beer

When the cherry blossom is out and the weather is warming up after the long winter, the Han River park is bustling with young couples strolling around or having picnics. We also went out for a stroll hoping to savour the fragrance of the blooms. But all I could smell was chicken. Fried chicken.  Continue reading “Which is the best 치맥 Chimaek Chicken and Beer Chain in Seoul?” »

April Fools’ Day in Korea

april fools day korea

Here’s a poster for a promotion taken from the CGV cinema chain’s website. It explains that if you want to get a discount at the CGV cinema today – April 1st – then dress up in an army uniform and pay only 6,000 won, dress up as a ‘hero’ (perhaps just a cape is enough?) and pay 7,000 won, or wear a school uniform and pay only 7,000 won for your ticket. I think there’s a discount on the popcorn too. Yes, it’s April Fools’ Day today, but this promotion is no joke. (I don’t think so, anyway!) Personally, I think wearing a hero outfit would take the most guts and therefore should get the biggest discount though! Continue reading “April Fools’ Day in Korea” »

Korean Book Review: The Girl Who Wrote Loneliness

the girl who wrote lonelinessA while back I reviewed the popular Korean novel Please Look After Mom by Shin Kyung Sook. This time I read the English translation of her next novel The Girl Who Wrote Loneliness. This book was published in English last year but was actually written before Please Look After Mom.

The protagonist is now a successful writer in her 30s, but she reflects back to the time when she was a poor teenager working in a factory in Seoul. She lived with other family members in cramped conditions where everyone struggled to make ends meet. Continue reading “Korean Book Review: The Girl Who Wrote Loneliness” »

Hot Springs in Korea


I love going to hot springs. I’m not talking about the hotel resorts with communal water spas where everyone has to wear a swimming costume and there are water slides and lots of ‘family fun’ involving rubber dinghies, arm bands and floats. In fact, call me grumpy, but anywhere that advertises itself as ‘family friendly’ makes me turn and run screaming for the hills. No, my ideal water-related getaway would be a quiet (preferably empty of fellow bathers, but that’s asking a lot) hot spring (men and women separate) with various baths offering a range of health benefits. Continue reading “Hot Springs in Korea” »